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Angel Rectangular Dining Table


Angel has a solid top - either wood or marble - on two elegant pedestals. The top is shaped to fall somewhere between an oval and a rectangle, and has gently rounded corners and a beautiful soft edge detail. It can be custom made to any size - the table works perfectly as a large dining table or small kitchen table - and the legs can be finished in any of our standard or specialist finishes, or made in hand-polished stainless steel.

Angel Rectangular Dining Table

We have various recommended sizes for our Angel dining table, depending on seating requirements.

160 x 95cm (seats 6)
190 x 100cm (seats 6-8)
220 x 100cm (seats 8-10)
250 x 100cm (seats 10)
300 x 110cm (seats 10-12) 

 Commissioning an ANGEL dining table

Angel dining tables are fully customizable.  When you commission an Angel dining table you will have a choice of:

Timber e.g. Oak, Walnut, Sycamore etc
Stone e.g. Carrara, Maron, Calacatta etc 

Base Finish
For the colour of the metal base - ALL of our standard and antique finishes are available..

 Our standard top for Angel is rectangular with gently rounded corners and a soft edge detail

Retail Prices for Angel dining tables start from £8,320 (retail inc vat).
Please contact us for a quote or any assistance with pricing for an Angel dining table.

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