Capricorn Candlesticks


Capricorn Candlesticks


Sculptural and elegant, the Capricorn candlesticks are the perfect adornment for a dining table, mantelpiece or console table. They are handmade in our Wiltshire workshop and come in a gift box.
They are EITHER made of bronze - mirror-polished or aged/patinated, OR made of steel -  polished (stainless) or patinated black.

Price and Size Guide

Bronze, each - Polished
Bronze, per pair - Polished
Bronze, each - aged/patinated
Bronze, per pair - aged/patinated
Steel, each - Polished stainless
Steel, per pair - Polished stainless
Steel, per pair - patinated
Steel, each - patinated


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Capricorn is probably the most recognisable design in our collection - Tom’s signature piece. Capricorn tables are the most difficult pieces to make, requiring great skill and experience in both the construction and finishing. Capricorn is sculptural, balanced and symmetrical, and although very contemporary, it owes much to classical architecture and proportions.

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