• Oval Dining Tables

    We have five oval dining tables (including the irregular Galena) all available in varying sizes. Ovals are particularly conducive to convivial dining, the shape allowing almost everyone to see each other; they are excellent for both small numbers (as few as three) and larger gatherings.


    Oval dining tables are perfect for any convivial occasion, from formal dinner parties to informal suppers with the family, and are available in a wide range of sizes to suit any gathering. An oval dining table possibly allows for a more relaxed and intimate dining experience than a rectangular dining table.

    The entrancing designs and smooth curves of our oval dining tables combine glass and metal to stunning effect. The smart contemporary lines of the pedestal collection of oval tables include the multifaceted metal base of the Galena table and the striking arching pedestal of the Capricorn table which sets off the smoothness of the glass, solid walnut or solid oak top. These bold pieces look magnificent in modern rooms and a full choice of finishes means the tables can be tailored to your individual taste and your home's current interior style.

    Every piece in this collection has a unique personality and will be a talking point at any dinner party. Beautifully shaped pieces such as the Opera table and the hypnotising curves of the Neptune table make a prominent statement, adding an artistic touch to a dining room.

    The range of finishes available enables you to perfect the final look of your table, either with classic shades of Bronze and Gunmetal, or with our specialist finishes that include Antique Silver and Florentine Gold. The tables are created and finished by hand in our UK workshop or in Italy, giving you the opportunity to own a significant piece of furniture artistry.