Finished in "Ocean Blue with Atlantic Blue wood veneer top

Acrylic resin top with walnut lipping

Atlantic Rectangular Dining Table

The Atlantic is a true jack of all trades. Technically speaking, it’s a rectangular dining table, thought it also excels as a contemporary kitchen table, or even an informal desk to lay your work across.

The distinctive legs give the piece a futuristic feel, with their tilted oval shape. You can take comfort in the Atlantic’s durability, as the top is made of a lovely matte veneer, with wood lipping along the sides to give added warmth.

The table also comes in a round format and can be made to suit any dimensions if you’d like to go the bespoke route.


Why we love it

The beauty of this table is that it is elegant, contemporary and practical. The top anti-scratch, and anti-fingerprint – and even has anti-bacterial properties making it ideal as a kitchen table, for all the family.

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