The Cloud Bed (for Savoir)

The “Cloud” is a shape that Tom loves to work with.

Tom Faulkner collaborated with Savoir in 2020 to create  Cloud. Celebrating bespoke British craft, Cloud combines form and shape with timeless techniques to deliver a dreamy approach to handcrafted sleep.

Tom’s interest in shapes, and motifs is reflected in this piece: “I wanted to get away from the classic rectangular headboard, for so much of our waking life is surrounded by rectangles – doors, windows, TVs , monitors, keyboards, tables, that I wanted to get away to something more…. dreamy and cloud-like – and this shape seemed perfect”

His constant travels are reflected within the design, on a recent trip to Vietnam Tom was struck by the “spirit walls, or screens”  found in buildings and graveyards which are erected to protect the occupants from harmful spirits. The headboard feels like one such screen, elegantly extending past the width of the bed base, feeling protective and cosy.