• Square Side Tables

    We have a good selection of square side tables- all available in any of our finishes.Madison is one that is available in any size. Click on the thumbnails to see full specification, prices, and finishes.


    A smart square side table is a fine addition to your furniture repertoire and the tables in this range are the perfect complement to our collection of coffee tables. The range includes both square and rectangular side tables which work well as a display plinth or a handy compact table in most rooms in the home. The square side tables work particularly well in the bedroom as nightstands, especially as many of the designs can have a storage shelf incorporated.

    As with all our collections, the selection of side tables is tailored to both traditional and modern tastes. The Florentine and Albany tables represent the more classic choices from our square side table collection, while for modern tastes, the simple styles of the Madison, Cuba and Mercury tables are exceptional in their straightforward contemporary design. The Manhattan table strikes the perfect balance between traditional and modern with subtle homage to Art Deco style, while the elegance of the Capricorn table comes from the dramatic plinth which contrasts with the smooth glass top.

    Every table in the collection is made to order which means we can create them to your exact specification. You can discuss your ideas with us and let us know the height and size you require and whether you prefer a square or rectangular shape. Each table is also hand-finished with our range of standard and specialist finishes, adding a further bespoke touch to the side tables.