Cultural Calendar: Autumn in New York



We’re thrilled to be opening the doors to our North American flagship tomorrow! New York has long held a special place in our hearts. So, it’s only right that we should create our home away from home in this great city. From Wednesday, 20th September, you’ll find us in the New York Design Center at 200 Lexington Avenue. To celebrate the realisation of this long-harboured ambition, we’ve pulled together a few New York cultural events that we’re particularly excited to check out this autumn. Read on to discover what’s on the TF radar…


Tom and Miranda in New York


What’s New What’s Next

New York Design Center | 20th September, 2023

New York Design Center


As we settle into our new digs at the New York Design Center, we can’t help but notice the hive of activity welling up around What’s New What’s Next. The festivities will kick off on our opening day, and we can’t wait to meet the many curious minds who flow through the doors. Visit to discover a curated collection of new ideas, innovative materials, and all sorts of fresh designs. Explore their website to find out more about the inspiring programme of events.


Africa Fashion

Brooklyn Museum | On through 22nd October, 2023

Brooklyn Museum atrium


New York is undoubtedly one of the world’s great fashion capitals. There’s no shortage of homegrown talent here; though, it’s always enriching to draw in fresh perspectives which help contextualise the familiar. Africa Fashion does exactly that, encouraging conversations around self-presentation and cross-cultural influences. Visit the Brooklyn Museum to explore this beautiful and thought-provoking display of sartorial splendour.


Infinite Life

Atlantic Theater Company – Linda Gross Theater | On through 8th October, 2023

Atlantic Theater Company – Linda Gross Theater


Infinite Life is Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Annie Baker’s latest production, which focuses on themes of aging and wanting, as well as the tension that flows between. Baker treats the topic with humour and heart, crafting a palpably personal narrative that centres on five California women in conversation. If you’re looking for something original, comedic, and contemplative, this off-Broadway gem will likely prove a perfect fit.


Cecily Brown: Death and the Maid

The Met Fifth Avenue | On through 3rd December, 2023

‘A Swan Comforting a Snake’ by Cecily Brown (2014)


It’s a comfort to see another British transplant making waves in New York as we step onto the scene. Cecily Brown made the move from London in the ‘90s and was quickly embraced for her colourful, abstract paintings. Linger a moment and you’ll find there’s more to them than meets the eye, with suggestions of figures tumbling through her captivating colourscapes. This exhibition draws together nearly 30 years’ worth of Brown’s work, teasing out the cultural and art historical influences which continue to inform her art.


Richard Avedon: MURALS

The Met Fifth Avenue | On through 1st October, 2023

‘Self-Portrait, New York City’ by Richard Avedon (2002)


While you’re in the Met mood, it’s well worth stopping into their exhibition of Richard Avedon’s photomurals. The show presents his work in a new light, focusing on an era which was defined by a departure from classical fashion photography. After a five-year hiatus, Avedon returned to work with a new strategy, eschewing his fleet-footed, snappy approach for a more contemplative, stationary set-up. He captured some of the city’s most iconic figures, from Warhol to Haring, casting them in expansive murals emblematic of their mammoth cultural and political influence.


Jean-Michel Othoniel: The Flowers of Hypnosis

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens | On through 22nd October, 2023

‘Gold Rose’ by Jean-Michel Othoniel, part of The Flowers of Hypnosis at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens


The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens are a fabulous place to mark the moment as the leaves start to turn. Enjoy an al fresco afternoon, punctuated by the spellbinding sculptures of French artist, Jean-Michel Othoniel. You’ll find six of his large-scale works peppered across three different contexts, some of them perching peacefully on the water, others bursting up from the earth. He’s used stainless steel and gold leaf to create a sense of material contrast, while mimicking the forms of nature to infuse the scenes with a sense of harmony. Each sculpture is steeped in symbolism, touching on themes of spirituality and rebirth to spark new conversations in these familiar outdoor surroundings.


Opening Gala with Yo-Yo Ma and Jaap van Zweden

The New York Philharmonic | 27th September, 2023

Yo-Yo Ma in concert at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (2016)


To kick of the season, the New York Philharmonic have tapped household name, Yo-Yo Ma. The cellist will feature as Jaap van Zweden conducts this one-night-only spectacle. The programme will include the works of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and Dvořák, rounding out the celebratory gala evening. What better way to ring in the freshness of the season as we reacclimate to post-summer city life?




Text by Annabel Colterjohn