New Collection 2024


Somewhere between art and design is the new, monolithic Skye Collection.

A year in the making, the collection is made up of seven pieces, all made in sheet steel, celebrating the material’s inherent qualities and demonstrating Tom’s fascination with the sculptural form.

The series is the first large-scale collection for  Tom since 2019. Inspired by Neolithic standing stones found in the UK, and influenced by modern British artists Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore, the work is both sculptural and distinctive.

Brought to life by our workshop’s unparalleled skill in working and shaping sheet metal, Tom has created something very distinctive.

Skye focuses attention on the beauty and intrigue of the elegantly formed ellipse, held within a contrasting cloud-like shape.

“When it first started to take shape in my mind I definitely saw it as an opportunity to create something that really celebrated the unique qualities of metal, the material I love and have worked with for so many years”

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The Tom Faulkner Collection


Tom Faulkner

Celebrated British designer, Tom Faulkner, designs and makes exquisite and distinctive furniture and accessories.

Tom’s show-stopping pieces are loved worldwide – by private clients and professional interior designers alike, and his furniture is equally at home in either modern or traditional settings.

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Tom Faulkner British Furniture Designer

Handmade in England since 1996

We are committed to manufacturing in the UK, and almost all of our furniture is made by hand in our Wiltshire workshop. This was once the site of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s railway works, and the spirit of the great man hovers about the place, infusing our work with something of his boldness and creativity.

Another important Victorian influence is William Morris, heralded for his cooperative, multidisciplinary approach to craft. To him, arts and crafts went hand-in-hand, standing on even footing as equally valuable creative and, indeed,  societal contributions. We share this same ethos and approach to making, carrying the torch of British design onward with due respect to its rich lineage.

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Tom Faulkner Workshop

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