How to create vignettes in your home space

No matter the style or period of your interiors, knowing how to arrange the possessions in your home in an attractive way is a useful skill. Occasional furniture is a great way to be able to do this. Side tables and console tables offer an interesting space to display your favourite things, creating a vignette that reveals your personal style. From creative hallway displays to filling nooks in your home with a small side table that’s been elegantly styled, this is a sure fire way to add personality to your home space.

Just like a photograph, the intent of a vignette is to capture a moment, and composition, light and content are important.


Madison Demi Lune Console Table | Modern Furniture by Tom Faulkner
Symmetry draws the eye so choose a location in your home that maximises the balance around it. Places that sit at the end of a natural line of sight such as at the end of a corridor, through a doorway, between two windows or in the centre of a wall are perfect. The balance creates a feeling of comfort and will act like a frame or the aperture of a camera.

A source of light is required, ideally natural light, but if that is limited then choose a location where you can add soft light from a table lamp or a floor lamp.

Main hero piece

Siena Console Table | modern furniture by Tom Faulkner

Choose a piece of art, a mirror, a piece of furniture or a decorative object that has a strong shape or a distinctive design and can act as the core focus or structure of the vignette.

In terms of furniture, a console table or bookshelf is a stylish choice, as is a cabinet or sideboard. The top surfaces give ample space to place possessions on and they work well with a mirror or artwork hung centrally or slightly to one side above.


Siena Round Side Table | modern furniture by Tom Faulkner

Take inspiration from the main hero piece to identify a theme that will pull together the possessions you choose to add to your vignette. Colour, finish, tone and texture are a good starting point. A colour coordinated vignette such as all white, or a two-tone grey and white vignette looks sophisticated and carefully curated.

Shapes and seasonal influences can also be useful themes to focus a vignette around and give you an easy way to change your vignette throughout the year.


console table hallway

Don’t be afraid to choose a tall item such as a vase, lamp or plant to place at one side of your vignette. Unlike the setting, aim to avoid symmetry with the portable items you choose to include in your vignette. Always vary their height and enjoy the play between the different sizes. If there are too many items of the same size, the display will not be as visually appealing.

Try not to display too many items in your vignette. As mentioned in our Journal post about living minimally, give the hero piece that you have invested in, space to breathe and be seen for its beautiful design and craftsmanship.

When a vignette is successful, it can quickly become the focal point of a room. If you need further inspiration, interior design magazines and Instagram are full of inspiration from stylish people who have perfected their skills.

Here are our top 5 vignettes:

Capricorn console table filling the nook of a living room space.

Madison Console Table | hallway furniture by Tom Faulkner

Madison rectangular console table, styled minimally in a hallway setting.

Contemporary Furniture by Tom Faulkner

Boulder Console table – a contemporary and boldly coloured console table.

Opera Round Side Table | Modern Furniture by Tom Faulkner

Opera round side table – small, stylish and eye-catching side table that can be placed in a living room, hallway, bedroom or study.

Ariel Round Side Table | Contemporary Furniture by Tom Faulkner

Ariel side table – a great example of a sculptural piece of metal furniture.