The Boulder console table – edition of 6

Boulder started when Tom made a trip to Joshua Tree National Park in California  in 2016. He looked at the boulders there and started thinking about the gaps between the rocks – the interstitial spaces – and the lines they created. When he got home he started working on a console table which replicated these lines, a lot of his work in the year or two before this had been very rectilinear and graphic, so it was, as he says “great to be doing something a bit more free – flowing and organic in spirit”.  As with all Tom’s work – whether working with straight or curved lines – it’s still all about the lines themselves, their weight and the proportions….. The piece is made by Tom himself – it is made of steel and plaster, with he plaster painstakingly built up over the steel armature and then finished in a bright “Yves Klein” ultramarine blue

Why we love it


Product Details
  • Materials: Plaster, steel, and Azure ciel marble
  • Finishes: Ultramarine blue
  • Lead Time: 8-10 weeks
Product Dimensions (cm / in)
  • Height:85 Width:40 Length:160 

    • H:
    • 85
    • W:
    • 40
    • L:
    • 160
Finishes / Full Specification Sheet (PDF)
Boulder inspiration and making
Boulder console