Finished in "Falcon Bronze" with an Oak top

Finished in "Falcon Bronze" with an Oak top

Capricorn Rectangular Dining Table with wood top

The Capricorn shape has been a Tom Faulkner staple for 25 years. It’s a bold, contemporary design which draws on the classic elements of symmetry, order, and logic. The wooden top brings a touch of tactilicty and warmth to the clean-cut base, crafted in your choice of standard or specialist finish. This rectangular modern dining table comes in round and oval formats as well, and you can always specify your measurements for a custom made dining table. To get a sense of our favourite tabletop options, have a look at our Journal.


Why we love it

This is a table made to stand the test of time. It draws together classical principles of design and contemporary craftsmanship to create a piece of timeless statement furniture.

The Capricorn is made to order in your choice of finish, and we can even customise its dimensions to suit your space.

A characterful wood tabletop is the perfect partner to the crisp and clean metal pedestal dining table base beneath.

This is a keystone Tom Faulkner design, which has been a best-seller for 25 years.


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