Finished in "Rose Pewter"

Finished in "Rose Pewter"

Finished in "Rose Pewter"

Capricorn Table Lamp

The Capricorn table lamp distills a quintessential Tom Faulkner design down to compact accent object. The sloping faces of this modern desk lamp beautifully capture a cascade of light from above, emanating a soft glow. You can select the finish of your choice to enrich the quality of the light, imparting warmth in Florentine Gold or a cool luminosity in Moon Silver, for example. The crisp edges of the lamp are forged by hand to exacting standards, creating a clean and polished effect.


Why we love it

The soft curves of this table lamp come alive in your choice of finish, revealing the complexity of our hand-painted options.

This is a reimagining of the Capricorn shape, which has been a Tom Faulkner best-seller for 25 years.

Capricorn combines the simplicity of classical design principles with crisp, contemporary craftsmanship.