Finished in "Moon Silver"

Cloud Cheval Freestanding Mirror – NEW

The Cloud shape is irregular, yet refined, with soft lines surrounding crystal clear glass. The crisp, metallic frame of the mirror merges with a clean-cut base, which introduces a continuation of the flowing shape above. Two leaves of metal fall open like the pages of a book to create a supportive structure for the full-length mirror, bringing an added sense of intrigue to this functional element of the piece. We’d recommend using this freestanding mirror in a dressing room to bring a design-forward lift to the ritual of getting ready for the day ahead.


Why we love it

The Cloud is a distinctly modern mirror with an organic yet crisply executed shape. Here we’ve updated the original Cloud design, stretching it out into a larger, longer, and leaner freestanding mirror that makes for a true focal point. It has a sleek, refined look in our standard or specialist finishes, though if you’re looking to make an especially strong impact, we’d recommend one of our technicolored Butterfly finishes.

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