Finished in "Charcoal" with a walnut top

Finished in "Charcoal" with a walnut top

Finished in "Charcoal" with a walnut top

Finished in "Charcoal" with a walnut top

Edge Bedside Table

The Edge bedside table is originally based on the dining table of the same name. The piece was inspired by Richard Serra’s ‘House of Cards’ sculpture, which brings sheer swathes of metal into delicate balance, evoking a sense of lightness and simplicity. The same qualities ring throughout the entire Edge collection, each piece carrying a crisp and clean character. This contemporary bedside table has functionality built in, with a carefully crafted drawer to stow away sundries. We build all of our own cabinetry, using top-quality hardwood which allows us to work with total precision. Explore our range of finishes and materials to create your own bespoke bedside table.


Why we love it

The Edge is a bedside table with a drawer built in, which adds a dash of functionality without compromising on a sleek silhouette.

We use top-quality materials like walnut wood to form our cabinetry in-house, creating highly functional furniture which is not only beautiful to look at, but to use, too.

The Edge is an especially clean, minimalist bedside table with a rectilinear format which works beautifully in a contemporary home.

You can customise the Edge by selecting your choice of finish to suit your space.

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