Golden Edge Dining Table

The Edge dining table was inspired by Richard Serra’s sculpture, “The house of cards”, a piece where massive pieces of steel lean against each other. This version of the Edge dining table is similar in that there are no welds at all. It is totally self-supporting with the two end pieces leaning in towards each other and resting on the centre bar.

(Almost) nothing has been done to the steel, it is straight from the mill but then plated in 24 carat gold! You can still see the marks of industry in it, appearing like watermarks under the gold, and you can see the cut marks on the edges as well. It is a wonderful mixture of industry and glamour, and the gold has a wonderful semi reflective, soft sheen.

The top is an amber coloured glass.

Edge was really inspired by “House of Cards” – a sculpture by the American artist Richard Serra, which Tom saw during a trip to San Francisco in 2016. Tom has always been a big fan of Serra – his monumental sculptures are breathtaking, and The House of Cards is smallĀ  by comparison. The Edge dining table is made of three slabs of plate steel – each shaped to a gentle taper.

After being cut, all three pieces were plated in 24 carat gold, just as they were – straight from the mill – so that the marks of their making remain just under the gilded surface. It is a wonderful blend of the raw and the luxurious. The three pieces are not welded together but they lean against each other, with the amber glass spanning the top of them making the table rock solid.

Why we love it

Tom: “This is one of my favourite pieces, it is somehow very elemental, I love that in this version all the pieces just interlock and rest against each other – there is no welding, and I love the combination of the raw and the bling – the “firescale” and the gold, and the way that the imperfection of the steel surfaces subdue the gold in some places and not in others…”