Bronze finish

Bronze finish

Florentine Gold finish

Florentine Gold finish

Florentine Gold specialist finish

Jewel Mirror

This metal framed mirror has an air of 1930s sophistication. It adds a bit of lustre to any room, amplifying ambient light and creating a sense of spaciousness. The Jewel has a classic feel to it, with a simple yet intriguing shape. It’s available in a range of standard sizes or on a made-to-measure basis. The handmade frame comes in any of our standard or specialist finishes, with the option of fitting antiqued glass – all available to browse here. For more background on how to select the ideal mirror for your space, have a look at our Journal.


Why we love it

We love the elegant, jewel-like shape of this metal mirror.

It’s a versatile mirror which works in various interior settings. We particularly like it as a hallway mirror or a dressing table mirror.

Perched above a mantlepiece or fireplace, it can really ‘lift’ a room that calls for a slightly more formal atmosphere.

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