Beautiful handmade furniture - in metal, glass, wood, and stone

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Welcome to Tom Faulkner - makers, designers, and producers of contemporary metal furniture. All of our own metal and glass furniture is handmade in our own UK workshop. Whatever we are making - from coffee tables and console tables to dining tables and dining chairs our approach is always the same – to make it to the highest possible standard and to the best of our ability.This applies to our own modern furniture designs and to our custom made furniture. As well as the standard dining tables, chairs, and coffee tables that you will find on this site we also have a bespoke furniture service where we can make to your specifications or design something specially for you. We have been producing modern furniture, or designer furniture for more than fifteen years and we have always specialized in metal and glass furniture. Glass is an important part of what we do - it allows the simple and clean, crisp lines of the metalwork to be seen and to shine through. And glass furniture will always create a sense of space and sophistication in a room. A glass coffee table will go perfectly with either a beautiful rug, or with a beautiful wooden floor, allowing them to be seen and appreciated. A glass dining table can help to make a room feel a bit bigger, and lighter. And, from a practical point of view glass tables are very easy to maintain and keep clean. Our glass tables have been used in many different settings – whether they be traditional or contemporary, they tend to fit in to either very well. Although most of our dining tables are made for dining rooms many have been made as desks, boardroom tables or conservatory tables.  You can see all of our modern furniture and accessories, including most of our metal and glass dining tables, coffee tables, console tables, and dining chairs at our London showroom, which is in Chelsea – a stone's throw from the Chelsea Harbour design centre. We are open there by appointment from Monday to Saturday.