The Story of Lily


The Lily collection begins with nature. Its defining feature is an aqueous, wobbly silhouette with smooth, meandering edges. Tom was inspired to create it by lily pads dipping and drifting at the water’s surface. That amorphous shape has since evolved into many forms. It retains a close connection with its namesake as a cocktail table, with the top resting on a long and lean stem. At the other end of the spectrum, its form fills out into an organically shaped ottoman. Read on for a proper introduction to those, as well as the many iterations in between…


Lily pads photographed by Heath Alseike


Organically Shaped Cocktail Tables


Lily cocktail tables with marble, metal, and Venetian glass tops


Our Lily cocktail tables have become a strong favourite in our collection. They’re simple and crisp in form, yet bring forth the beauty and softness of nature. Each slim stem rises up from a circular base to support the lily-shaped top. The tops can be made in metal, which we can treat to produce polished, patinated, or textured effects. They’re also particularly eye-catching with marble tops, which draw in an added nod to nature’s spellbinding idiosyncrasies. For an extra dash of dynamism, our Venetian glass tops work beautifully, too. Each one is cast using traditional methods, producing molten forms with dappled surfaces which play with the light to recreate the glimmer of the water’s undulating surface.


Lily in the making, feat. Tom


Lily garden tables


We’ve also created the Lily garden table so as to allow these designs to exist in their natural habitat. These metal-topped editions are made to weather the elements, springing up from the ground like fresh flowers. We offer a variety of colours made to complement one another, and would recommend combining them to create the effect of a carefully curated garden of tables.


Lily cocktail tables in ‘Butterfly’ finishes with Venetian glass tops


To further emphasise the Lily’s natural roots, we can also finish them in our ‘Butterfly’ colourways. These are technicoloured cascades of intermingling hues, developed in-house to suit our more organically inflected designs. We think the effect is especially refreshing.


Nature-Inspired Stools


Lily stools finished in ‘Rose Pewter’ with Dedar Bouclé


From the Lily shape, grew the full-bodied form of our upholstered stools. The design’s undulating curves are placed on full display in the metal body of the Lily stool. Each one is created by rolling sheets of steel under immense pressure, articulating each contour with the utmost care. The body is then welded to close the shape, before being finished so as to erase all evidence of the join. We then invite you to select the standard or specialist finish of your choice, many of which were developed to echo the effects of nature. The final touch is an upholstered seat which can add a bit of contrast, emphasising the stools wobbly silhouette.


Lily Shaped Ottomans


Lily ottoman finished in ‘Grey Silk’ with Dedar Bouclé


Our Lily ottoman is a natural progression from the more diminutive stool. We simply expanded the format to offer a piece of statement furniture, creating more open, sweeping curves which support an expansive upholstered top. Like all our creations, these are a true labour of love, as we perfect and polish the full form of each organically shaped ottoman.


Lily ottoman in the making


For an added dash of functionality, we’ve created a storage ottoman which looks the same as the original on the surface. The difference here is that the upholstered top is fitted on a system of hinges which allows for a smooth, suspended opening and a soft yet secure closure.


Lily ottoman with storage finished in ‘Moon Silver’ with navy velvet


Amorphous Coffee Tables


Lily coffee table in polished bronze with a White Onyx top


The Lily coffee table comes alive in a range of natural materials. We find the rambling metal base shines all the more brightly when paired with a marble top. White Onyx is an excellent choice here, thanks to its translucent properties. It allows the silhouette of the base beneath to emerge into view, while the negative space around it is illuminated by the warm glow of polished bronze.


Lily coffee table in the making


Lily coffee table finished in ‘Florentine Gold’ with a Calacatta Oro top


For an especially sleek organically shaped coffee table, our ottoman-style Lily is an excellent choice. Here we expand the base to sit flush with the top, neatly merging crisp metal and richly patterned marble. The effect is strikingly clean yet characterful.


Lily coffee table in the making


Sculptural Plinth


Lily plinth finished in ‘Persian Silver’ with a Rosso Oribico top


Treasured art objects deserve to be displayed in their best light. The Lily shape gives way to a soft and subtle plinth with pristine detailing throughout. Each one is a bespoke plinth which is individually made to suit your specifications. We can tailor the dimensions, finish, and materials to complement any particular artworks you’d like to showcase. We find these work especially well in a conservatory, for example, where they can be surrounded by greenery which speaks to the organic origins of the design.


Wobbly Mirror


Lily mirror finished in ‘Florentine Gold’ + Jak chair finished in ‘Ocean Blue’ with ‘Atlantic’ leather


The Lily mirror is a distinctive piece which brings a hint of playfulness into any scheme. It offers a softness and irregularity which is a wonderful antidote to more structured, contemporary spaces. We suggest pairing the mirror with a console table, or hanging a group of Lilies together on a feature wall for maximum impact.


Lily mirrors in the making (left) + Lily mirror finished in ‘Florentine Gold’ (right)


Lily Pad Door Handles


Lily door handles in polished bronze


Our Lily door handles are perfect for bringing a small but mighty dash of nature into the home. They help to liven up everyday touchpoints like kitchen cabinets or dresser doors. We can make them in solid polished bronze, delivering a spark of energy to a space. Alternatively, they come in a deep midnight blue which carries a hint of drama. If you’re looking to incorporate a bit of nature and biomorphic beauty into your interior, these are a wonderful way to get started.


Lily door handles in the making


If you’re intrigued by the Lily shape, we’d invite you to explore the full collection. Keep in mind, we create each piece to order and can make amendments along the way. If you have an idea for a bespoke Lily design, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to work together on making it a reality.




Text by Annabel Colterjohn