A Guide to Shelving


Good shelving is an indispensable element of any considered interior. Not only does it carve out a place to display cherished books and personal treasures, it can also create as a striking focal point within a space. Large-scale bookshelves take on an eye-catching quality with geometric patterns of metal, while stand-alone shelving units are elevated by rich materials like smoked glass. No matter what sort of space you’re working with – expansive or compact, modern or traditional – we’ve drawn together a bit of inspiration from our collection to spark your imagination.



Modern Bookshelves


Pair of Melrose shelves in a scheme by Turner Pocock; photographed by Paul Massey for House and Garden


Opting for a bookcase with a clean, streamlined look will help to create an ordered, put-together feel in your space. Our Melrose shelf brings a hint of originality to a scheme with irregularly shaped alcoves for books and art objects, alike. There’s a geometric element to the design that adds a modern feel, creating a captivating canvas for you to adorn with books, sculptures, and photos. To create a sense of symmetry and even a touch of grandeur, place a pair at either end of the room as demonstrated here with our Melrose design.


Bespoke Melrose shelves finished in ‘Charcoal’ (left) + ‘Autumn Bronze’ with smoked glass (right)


Shelving should catch the eye while still standing in harmony with your scheme. We can make any of our pieces bespoke by tailoring the shape and size to your needs, as well as finishing it so as to suit the other materials and colours in your space. We can even fit the shelves with marble or smoked glass to create a truly unique look.


Madison shelf finished in ‘Bronze’


For a traditional effect, consider our Madison shelf. In keeping with the rest of our Avenues collection, it’s a classic design elevated by top-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. It’s a fantastically versatile piece that’s sure to work wonders in any interior.



Single Wall Shelf


Bespoke shelf + Jak chair finished in ‘Silver Rose’


Fixed shelving creates a very polished look on a large scale, though we think it’s especially striking as a single feature on the wall. It can bring a design-forward, individual feel to hallways, creating a home for grab-and-go essentials. Beyond its utility, we find it adds a warm welcome to the home, with unique design details that we can develop with you to create the ideal effect.



Statement Shelving


Bespoke shelving unit finished in ‘Rose Pewter’


Sometimes you’ve got to step outside the norm to pinpoint that true wow-factor. We worked with a client to create a custom shelving unit in a specialist ‘Rose Pewter’ finish. We added distinctive flourishes like additional back bars to evoke a sense of dynamism and break up this particularly large piece. The result was a functional design that doubled as a feature wall within a beautifully modern space.


Cloud étagère with Cloud coffee table in patinated steel (left) + bespoke shelving unit finished in ‘Rose Pewter’ (right)


Our Cloud étagère has a similarly striking quality. We developed the design from our Cloud coffee table, which rests on legs forged through traditional blacksmithing techniques to create a rich sense of materiality. We extended those legs to grand heights and interspersed them with Cloud shaped shelves to build something entirely new for the purpose of displaying art objects at Masterpiece fair. It was especially eye-catching when populated with sculptural pieces, creating a captivating conversation between art and design.


Bespoke round Melrose bookshelf finished in ‘Old Brass’


Unexpected touches make all the difference, like opting for a circular format that encloses your objects to create a real sense of occasion. We expanded upon on our classic Melrose shelf to create this bespoke piece. We found the combination of crisp, rectilinear angles and swooping curves worked beautifully, carving out a truly unique display.



If you’ve got a bespoke shelving project in mind, we’d be delighted to discuss your vision. You can explore our core collection here for further inspiration, and get in touch to speak about tailoring any design to suit your scheme.




Text by Annabel Colterjohn