An Illustrated Guide to Pairing Console Tables & Mirrors


Console tables and mirrors go together like strawberries and cream. Simply pairing the two can create a beautiful vignette that adds to the home in both an aesthetic and functional respect. A console is a particularly practical addition to an entry hall. Add a mirror to the mix and you’ve not only got a home for grab and go essentials like keys, wallets, and sunglasses, but also an opportunity to give yourself a final once-over before striding out into your day. The duo also works wonderfully in thoroughfares, dining rooms, and the peripheries of larger open spaces. Wherever you’re looking to place yours, we’ve gathered the tips and illustrated examples to help you do it right. Read on to discover how to style a console and mirror with panache…


Rules of Thumb for Hanging a Mirror Over a Console

As an overarching rule, a mirror works best when its centre sits at eye level. Eye level obviously varies from person to person, but the average is about 152cm / 60in in height, so if you’re looking for a one-size-fits all approach, this should place you in good stead. If your household is blessed with a bit of extra height, do adjust that number to suit as, after all, you will be the ones living with your furniture on a daily basis. Generally speaking, we recommend hanging a mirror a little on the high side as opposed to the low. It helps to create a greater sense of spaciousness as well as draw the eye upward – possibly doing the same for your posture, too!

Standard console table height is about 76cm / 30in, to give you a sense of the baseline you’ll be building from. This tends to balance well against a mirror hung at the average eye level discussed above. Do be sure to familiarise yourself with the measurements of your particular console though, as height can vary across designs. Ours, for example, tend to sit at about standard height; though, we do often work on a bespoke basis. Therefore, we can always tailor your selection to suit your space and unique specifications.

A mirror should always be narrower than the console beneath. It will generally look best when ‘contained’ by the console for a neat look and a cohesive vignette. We’d recommend selecting a mirror which is at most about two thirds of the console’s width. It’s important not to go too narrow though, as that could disrupt the sense of balance between the two pieces. You should aim for a mirror which is no less than about a third of the console’s width.


Rectangular Mirror + Classic Console Table

Empire mirror + Siena console finished in ‘Florentine Gold’ with a Calacatta Oro marble top


This is a timeless combination. Echoing the same rectangular format across the console and mirror creates a neat sense of uniformity. Here we’ve paired our Siena console with the Empire mirror. We find that the mirror’s softened corners add a touch of intrigue and variation, while retaining a cohesive effect. We’ve also tipped the mirror into a vertical position so as to create a sense of elongation and spaciousness. When hanging a mirror over a console table, it helps to consider ceiling height. If you’ve got extra open space to play with, we’d encourage you to use it by hanging a rectangular mirror in this vertical format, drawing the eye upward.


Plan for our Empire mirror + Siena console


Organically Shaped Mirror + Console Table

Cloud mirror + Papillon console finished in ‘Ulysseys Blue’ with a dichroic glass top


If you’re looking to make a statement, introducing a distinctive console and mirror combination is a great way to do so. Because they tend to sit at the edge of a space, they can act as a form of functional wall decoration, much as a beautifully framed painting or a hung tapestry might. If you’re drawn towards art furniture, our Papillon console and Cloud mirror should fit the bill nicely. They’re especially captivating in this coordinating ‘Ulysseys Blue’ finish, particularly when a dichroic glass tabletop is introduced, in all its mercurial beauty. This combination is emphatic through and through, so one can get away with going a bit wider with the mirror. In this case, the mirror extends a little over two thirds of the console’s width. These exaggerated proportions work well as they’re offset by the bold stylistic qualities of the console beneath. Remember: rules of thumb, while useful, are sometimes asking to be bent.


Plan for our Cloud mirror + Papillon console


Circular Mirror + Traditional Console Table

Madison round mirror finished in ‘Florentine Gold’ + Versailles console in bronze with a Travertine top


If the big and bold approach resonates but you lean towards a more traditional style, our Versailles console paired with a Madison round mirror could be the perfect pair. Starting with a particularly dynamic console with an element of the ornate adds a dash of character to a scheme. Given its intricacy, we’d generally recommend you go for a crisp finish on the base or keep to a classic bronze in its natural colouration. As for the mirror, opting for a larger size will balance the dramatic forms beneath. A round mirror works particularly well as it echoes the looping metalwork below, creating a sense of visual continuity.


Plan for our Madison round mirror + Versailles console


Geometric Mirror + Demi-Lune Console Table

Albany mirror finished in ‘Charcoal’ + Madison Demi-Lune console finished in ‘Bronze’ with a Limestone top


A beautifully styled console and mirror makes a lovely addition to the end of a hallway. It can help to create a focal point and a sense of occasion as one transitions between spaces. We find that a curved demi-lune console like our Madison gives off a welcoming appearance and facilitates an easy flow of movement. The rounded format is much softer and more inviting than a straight edge, which can evoke the sense of a boundary. We’d suggest pairing a demi-lune console with a structured, geometric mirror like our Albany. The mirror’s strong, rectangular format plays well against the curvilinear console, while injecting a bit of optical intrigue with its criss-crossed detailing. The large scale of the mirror also helps to anchor the space and create a dramatic sense of proportionality alongside the console.


Plan for our Albany mirror + Madison Demi-Lune console


Wobbly Mirror + Sleek Console Table

Lily mirror finished in ‘Antique Bronze’ + Flint console finished in ‘Florentine Gold’ with a Calacatta Oro marble top


The Lily mirror and Flint console is one of our favourite combinations. Lily’s soft, aqueous silhouette balances perfectly against Flint’s crisp, delicate framework. While the two diverge in shape, they share a sense of dynamism. The mirror’s frame varies in width, flaring and contracting at each turn. The console’s legs are elegantly tapered, infusing the piece with a certain fineness and levity. Our Lily mirrors come in three sizes, which we often recommend combining as a trio. However, in this case, we think going bold with the largest standard size creates a clear and cohesive statement all on its own.


Plan for our Lily mirror + Flint console


Round Mirror + Simple Console Table

Madison round mirror finished in ‘Burmese Red’ + Lexington console finished in ‘Antique Silver’ with a Silver Leaf verre eglomise top


For something a little different, we’d suggest playing with a mirror’s placement along the width of your console. Positioning it off-centre will introduce an element of the unexpected and open up the opportunity to take an original approach to styling. Here we’ve placed our Madison round mirror so that its outer edge is aligned with that of the Lexington console beneath. That frees up space to add taller decorative objects like candle sticks, plants, or flowers at the other side, which you can edit from week to week so as to keep the effect fresh. We find this combination of rectilinear console, circular mirror, and organic greenery creates a beautifully balanced composition.


Plan for our Madison round mirror + Lexington console



If you’re feeling inspired, we’d invite you to explore our full range of consoles and mirrors. Should you like a hand settling on your perfect combination, choosing sizes, selecting finishes, or designing bespoke pieces, do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.




Text by Annabel Colterjohn