Dining Room Inspiration From Celebrity Homes

Get inspiration for your dining room from the homes of stylish celebrities and well-known folks from around the globe. As they are often entertaining guests, it is not surprising that many celebrities and heads of industry understand how to create a dining room or space that suits their entertaining needs, personal style, lifestyles and their home. We’ve chosen a selection of our favourite celebrity dining rooms where the dining table is the hero piece of luxury furniture and central to the success of each entertaining space.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen – Manhattan home

celebrity dining room with round dining table

Image credit: Photographer William Waldron for Architectural Digest

There is an opulence and a restraint both at play here. The richness of the antique tabletop on the round dining table and the warmth of the wood contrast perfectly with the metal pillar, dusty blue steel dividing wall and iron table base. The designer Don Stewart has an incredible eye for materials. Upholstered dining chairs often look heavy and immobile, but the curves of these dining chairs add elegance and lightness, and they look comfortable! The combination of the minimalist metal table base with antique stone top, steel wall and artwork make this space very special.

Jessica Alba – Los Angeles home

large rectangular dining table

Image credit: Stephen Kent Johnson for Architectural Digest

The colour palette of Jessica Alba’s whole home is warm and relaxing and the natural materials in the dining room only add to the serenity. The large bay windows allow light to flood in, but the room also has pools of shade adding character and atmosphere. This play of light also focuses the guests at the table into the room rather than out to the view. This home feels like a refuge from the clamour of LA and has distinct continental European influences seen in the linen, dove grey colours and the wall tapestries. The polished plaster walls and ceiling tie beautifully with the tapestries and grey linens. The rectangular dining table with a limed wooden top on a metal industrial base is a generous width that is perfect for entertaining.

Brooke Shields – Greenwich Village home

Round statement dining table

Image credit: Photographer William Waldron for Architectural Digest

A round dining table softens a room and adds a feminine touch and this dining room in the family home of Brooke Shields in Greenwich Village is an excellent example. There are other dining areas in this home, and this is the more formal dining room and formal entertaining space. However you can tell it is used by the family too; the leather on the seats looks soft and recently sat on, and you can imagine the family sliding onto the dining chairs to sit down for a meal. The grisaille wallpaper ties the black tole chandelier and shiny black wooden floorboards in with the white marble top of the dining table and the warm tones of the empire style furniture.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski – Brooklyn home

family dining room with rectangular dining table

Image credit: Photography by Evan Joseph

The formality of the dining room in Emily Blunt and John Krasinski’s Brooklyn home is softened by the addition of two armchairs, the brightly coloured modern pendant light fitting above the rectangular dining table and the comic book artwork. The raw edge of the wooden tabletop helps breaks up the straight lines in the room as does the curved shapes of the dining chairs and armchairs. Situated next to the kitchen, this room is dinner party friendly and it’s easy to imagine relaxed and fun entertaining happening here.

Giorgio Armani – La Punt, Switzerland home

Image credit: Photography by Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

Giorgio Armani’s Switzerland retreat displays his obsessive attention to detail and this dining room is a wealth of inspiration. The master of understated and androgynous style, he has made this circular dining table feel distinctly masculine through the choice of materials and highly polished mahogany tabletop. The central pedestal base ensures this is an easy table to manoeuvre around and comfortable to sit at. The top-stitched orange leather on the director style dining chairs and polished mahogany walls are softened by the coffee coloured silk curtains pooling on the floor.

Amanda Levete and Ben Evans – London home

contemporary dining room with long statement dining table

Image credit: Photography by Paul Raeside for Architectural Digest

The sheer scale of this rectangular dining table designed by Amanda in high sheen fibreglass for Amanda and Ben’s own home is incredible and sits perfectly in their expansive 2,000 square feet kitchen and entertaining space. The flowing gull wing shape of the dining table combined with Gio Ponti’s Supperleggera iconic dining chairs is faultless. The space reflects the design credentials of this couple and their fun personalities. The room is very obviously used for dinner parties (music station perfectly placed on the right-hand side wall) with up to 20 guests easily sitting around this luxury dining table.

Naomi Watts and Liev Shreiber – New York home

rectangular dining table with hanging pendant lights

Image credit: Photography by Douglas Freidman for Architectural Digest

Though this is not strictly a dining room, this rectangular dining table sits in a generous space in the New York home of Naomi Watts and Liev Shreiber. The vintage rug serves to anchor the table and dining chairs in the space. The large antique mirror and asymmetric pendant light add personality and break up the distance between the dining table and the high ceiling. In the evening, the antique mirror will reflect the soft light from the frosted pendants at create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in this dining area.


If these homes have inspired you to think about ordering your own dining table, please do get in contact. A quick read of our journal post about how to choose a dining table may be helpful and have a look at our dining table designs and finishes.