How to Design a Hallway

Hallways are not typically regarded as the showstopping spaces of a home. But, given the chance, they can be beautiful canvases for expressing a bit of personal style and creating intriguing transitions between rooms. An eye-catching mirror or a well-dressed console table does wonders to create a sense of place in these throughfares, leaving breadcrumbs of beauty through the house. Read on to spark some hallway design ideas of your own…



Clean Console Table

Introducing a console table to your hallway creates an opportunity to compose a little vignette of curated delights. Gather some objects you love on the tabletop and build from there. Including a plant can inject some life into the scene and lend a sense of visual flow, drawing the eye up to strategically hung artworks. The Madison Console Table is a wonderfully clean piece that gives you two shelves to work with, maximising its footprint in more compact quarters.


Feature Console Table

The Papillon Console Table serves as an artwork in its own right. It’s sure to bring a bit of wonder to the hall with its sinuous, refined form. Including a statement piece like this is a great way to elevate the space, while providing some utility with a tabletop for decorative objects and everyday miscellanea alike.


Bold Console Table

It can be difficult landing on where to start when decorating a hallway. They’re often uniform, lengthy chutes without clear architectural definition. So, introducing a grounding element like a solid Capricorn Console Table can do wonders by providing an anchor along the length of the hall or acting as an entry feature as you approach the space.



Traditional Cabinet

Who doesn’t need more storage in their home? Put your hallway to good use by placing a cabinet along the wall to squirrel away your sundries. The Exe Cabinet is perfect for the job – and we think it looks pretty good doing it, too!


Contemporary Cabinet

If you lean towards a more contemporary look, the Odessa Cabinet makes a stand-out storage spot. Inspired by the Russian Constructivist art movement, it’s a unique piece that’s sure to please visually and functionally.



Hallway Lighting Fixtures

The experience of lurching arms-out down a dark hallway is appealing to precisely no one. To avoid this humbling adventure, opt for wall sconces over lamps and be sure to instal light switches at both ends of the hallway. The Phoenix Wall Light is an understated fixture that will not only keep you living in the light, but add a contemporary touch of geometry to the space.



Organically Shaped Mirrors

Mirrors can work wonderfully well as hallway art pieces, depending on how good looking your guests are. For an organically shaped mirror with a modern feel, opt for the Lily Mirror. True to Tom Faulkner form, it’s customisable to suit your preferred dimensions and finishes, making it the perfect piece to play with compositionally. Try clustering a few together to create a beautifully rhythmic display.


Colourful Mirror

The Cloud Mirror continues in the organic vein, with a wonderfully nebulous form. It’s a showstopper of a stand-alone piece, especially when it’s dressed up in a vibrant, technicolour finish like this special edition for Paul Smith.


Simple Mirror

For a more classic design scheme, the Empire Mirror works wonders. It’s clean without being cold. The rounded edges lend it a sense of softness and fluidity, as does a slightly antiqued or brushed finish. It looks especially well set against a console table of the same material to tie the whole story together.




Modern Bench

Introducing a bit of seating, especially to an entry hall, invites guests to linger a moment and creates a greater sense of place. Opting for a bench evokes a casual feel and gives guests a moment to kick off their shoes and settle into the home. The Exe Bench leans into this farm-style approach to the entryway with an updated, streamlined look to suit London interiors and country hideaways, alike.


Statement Stool

As a way of breaking up the elongated format of the hallway, think about adding stand-alone elements to create moments of visual refrain. A potted plant or a coat rack are welcome editions, but the rounded form of a seat like the Ariel Stool works especially well. The sculptural quality of the piece lends the area some optical intrigue and carves out space for enjoying the journey through your home!



Text by Annabel Colterjohn