Bronze finished with "Autumn" patina finish with Eramosa marble top

Bronze finished with "Autumn" patina finish with Eramosa marble top

Finished in "Autumn" patina finish with Eramosa marble top

(Bronze) Papillon Console

This bronze edition of the Papillon Console table may be made to sit around the edges of a room but it’s certainly got the air of a centrepiece. The lightness of its form combined with the gravitas of its material creates an intriguing interplay. Bronze is a distinctive material that responds beautifully to patination. Here we’ve created an ‘Autumn‘ patina by hand to produce characterful variations across the surfaces. It pairs perfectly with an Eramosa marble top, tying into its swirls of deep, earthy tones. The frame’s polished edges impart an eye-catching glimmer which really brings each curve and corner to life.

Why we love it

This iteration of our Papillon design shows just how delicate bronze can be made to look, with careful handiwork and artful finishing.

Its slender, curving lines show off distinctive details like polished edges to striking effect.

This is a design which catches the eye, while retaining a light and unobtrusive air.