Charcoal finish with solid Walnut top

Charcoal finish with Walnut top

Charcoal finish with solid Walnut top

Anthracite finish with Walnut top

Exe Oval Dining Table with wood top

The Exe is a modern take on the classic refectory table, with updated materials and a laser focus on the details. The four intersecting legs take on a strikingly contemporary character, splaying at the feet before curving up into a neat confluence of carefully articulated seams.

As a dining table, it’s wonderfully inviting, creating an inclusive seating arrangement where guests can engage eye-to-eye. It also works beautifully as an oval kitchen table, with a soft, sweeping top. You can choose between a top in clear glass or the solid wood of your choice, as well as a variety of standard or specialist finishes for the base.


Why we love it

Modern take on a refectory table

Works really well as a family kitchen table

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