Papillon coffee table

Inspired by the Californian aesthetic, the contemporary Papillon coffee table epitomises luxury furniture design. This bespoke piece makes a bold and colourful statement in any living room. The poweder coated ‘butterfly’ finish is applied by hand, in order to blend the colours seamlessly. The Papillon round coffee table can come with clear glass or “Dichroic” glass. We have done this by putting a dichroic film under the glass. “Dichroic” means two colours – and the effect is one of iridescence and shifting colours, so the glass looks different depending on the angle of view and the direction of view.


Baronet red
Malabar finish
Mariposa Verde
Ulysseys Blue
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Why we love it
  • The dichroic glass of this modern coffee table adds an extra dimension, changing at different times of the day and in different lights.

Product Details
  • Materials: Base: Steel, Top: Glass
  • Finishes: Standard, specialist or Papillon
  • Lead Time: 6-8 weeks
Product Dimensions (cm / in)
  • Height:42 Diameter:120 

    • H:
    • 42
    • D:
    • 120
Finishes / Full Specification Sheet (PDF)
Malabar finish with Dichroic glass top
Malabar finish with Dichroic glass top
Ulysseys Blue finish with clear glass top
Ulysseys Blue finish

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