Ulysseys Blue finish with clear glass top

Ulysseys Blue finish with Dichroic glass top

Finished in "Ulysses Blue" with a clear glass top

Ulysses blue finish

Florentine Gold finish with standard clear glass top

Papillon 50cm Side Table in Baronet Red

Papillon 50cm Side Table in Baronet Red

Finished in "Ulysses Blue" with Dichroic glass top

Papillon 50cm Side Table in Ulysses Blue

Papillon Side Table

The Papillon Side Table marries delicate steelwork and bold colour combinations to produce a small but mighty feature piece. Use it as an end table in your living room or arrange it in a dressing room to give the space a design-forward lift. We can custom make the piece to your measurements, completing it in a range of standard, specialist, or ‘Butterfly’ finishes. For added intrigue, opt for Dichroic glass, which tints the light as it filters through, casting technicoloured pools across the floor. You can have a look at our Finishes & Materials page to browse all the options.


Why we love it

Papillon is a contemporary round side table that also works well as a drinks table or end table. It’s a one of a kind piece of modern furniture that is guaranteed to wow.

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