Finished in "Bronze" with Arabescato marble top

Bronze finish with Arabescato marble top

Arabescato marble top detail

Finished in "Bronze" detail

Double pedestal Papillon Oval Dining Table with marble top

Our Papillon collection merges delicate metalwork with bold, cascading colours. The oval marble top rests on two spring-like bases, giving it a grander scale than our classic single-pedestal design. It works beautifully as a statement dining table or even placed in a larger kitchen as a feature piece. The shape of the top falls somewhere between an oval and a rectangle, with gently rounded corners and soft edging. This contemporary pedestal dining table can be custom made to your specifications and completed in any of our standard, specialist, or ‘Butterfly’ finishes.


Why we love it

This large oval dining table is great for large gatherings. The metal bases of the table are fluid and intriguing to the eye.
The marble table top adds to the luxury feel, making it perfect for dinner parties.

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