Top Ten Marbles


Metal has long been our focus, captivating the imagination with its strength and mutability. We’re inspired by the formal possibilities it presents, as well as the many distinctive finishes we can create for it. Though it’s impossible not to be struck by the rich materiality that marble brings to our metallic designs. A strong and sculptural Capricorn table is heightened by a crisp white marble top; the meandering base of a Papillon table sings beneath a muted travertine. We’ve no shortage of options when it comes to marble – and a wonderful selection of suppliers to source them from. We work with marble veterans, Vitruvius as well as the highly reputable Cullifords to source only the best, more responsibly extracted slabs. Read on to see which of these natural beauties have captured our imagination…


Noir St Laurent


Angel Round Dining Table in Bronze with a Noir St Laurent marble top


Noir St Laurent is a classic, sleek marble with an ink-black base. Veins of ivory and amber bring a certain spark to this lovely, tonal stone. It’s got a beautifully reflective surface that heightens the clean, polished effect. We think it’s especially effective on our Angel Round Dining Table, as it’s complex enough to capture the eye, yet subdued enough to avoid creating an overwhelming display in this smaller footprint.


White Beauty


White Beauty Marble top on a Siena Console Table in Anthracite


White Beauty is a new favourite of ours. It’s a more brightly coloured marble than most of our other recommended options, with a captivating mixture of hues eddying across the surface. Cloudy pools of seafoam green are suspended amidst paper white and graphite grey, creating a beautifully balanced effect. We find it works best on simpler designs like the structured consoles and coffee tables of our Avenues collection.




Edge Side Table in Charcoal with an Arabescato marble top


Arabescato is a lovely, crisp choice that works well across our designs. We aim to create furniture that looks at home in all interiors, from the traditional country home to the modern city pad. Arabescato is a dominantly chalk-white marble with soft rivulets of grey running through it, making it a fittingly versatile yet intriguing top for our tables.


Capricorn Round Dining Table in Anthracite with an Arabescato marble top


Rosso Luana Verde


Lily Cocktail Table with a Rosso Luana Verde marble top


Rosso Luana Verde is a stunning marble that looks almost like a turbulent seascape when stretched out in larger formats. Creams, blues, and sandy hues combine in waves of colour. It makes for a beautiful tabletop that benefits from stain resistance and even performs well when subjected to light and heat. When you’ve got a stone that looks this lovely, it’s a pleasure to be able to enjoy it with peace of mind.


Silver Travertine


Silver Travertine top on a Siena Coffee Table in Dark Bronze


Silver Travertine is a thoroughly contemporary stone that brings a natural lightness to its environment. It’s got a softness to it, with creamy tones and textures merging to produce a pared-back surface that compliments just about any metal finish. It’s a unique marble that’s tumbled to give it a slightly antiqued look, complete with a dose of warmth and character.


Silver Travertine top on a Siena Coffee Table in Dark Bronze


Silver Wave Satinato


Papillon Oval Dining Table in Charcoal with a Silver Wave Satinato marble top


The aptly named Silver Wave is a marble sourced from China with a relatively uniform surface. It’s striated with dark, often blueish tones and silvery slivers of light. It’s got a uniquely topographical look to it, which sings in larger expanses, like a dining table top. Combine it with the meandering, organic lines of our Papillon design to echo the undulating pattern of the stone.


Calacatta Oro


Flint Console Table in Persian Silver (left) + Cloud Coffee Table in Black Patina (right) with Calacatta Oro marble tops


Calacatta Oro is a classic – and one of the most popular marbles paired with our furniture. It’s much loved for its pure white tone, which meets with subtle touches of grey to combine beautifully with metal finishes like Black Patina and even Charcoal black. Thanks to its lack of colour, it also works wonderfully with bolder finishing options like those in our Papillon range.




AVA Round Dining Table in Bronze with an Eramosa marble top


Eramosa is a Canadian marble that mimics compacted layers of minerals which tell the story of time’s passing. There’s a ripple effect to each variation across the surface, with muted earth tones meeting in rings. This centrifugal effect works well as a round top in tandem with sculptural pieces like our AVA or Capricorn dining tables.


Nero Marquina


Edge Console Table in Florentine Gold with a Nero Marquina marble top


This sleek, inky black marble hails from the north of Spain. The bi-tonal effect of stark white lines against the muted background creates a particularly dramatic look in Nero Marquina. It’s a fabulous choice for contemporary interiors, bringing a hit of depth to monochromatic spaces. It’s also relatively easy to maintain, with a natural resistance to scratching, keeping it crips as the year roll on.




Lily Coffee Tables in Bronze (left) + Polished Bronze (right) with White Onyx tops


We’ve recently started working with Onyx more as we discovered what a perfect match it is to our Lily designs. In the Coffee Table iteration, White Onyx showcases its semi-translucent qualities to maximum effect. Light falls across the top, allowing the biomorphic silhouette of the base to emerge. Pink Onyx is a spectacular mate to our Lily Cocktail Tables as well, where you can admire this marble’s milky veining in all its glory.


Pink Onyx tops on Lily Cocktail Tables in Florentine Gold



For the full spectrum of our recommended marbles, have a look at our Finishes & Materials page. And to keep your stone top looking like new, explore our tips on How to Care for your Marble Tabletop.




Text by Annabel Colterjohn