Finished in "Bronze" with a clear glass top

Finished in "Bronze" with standard glass top

Finished in "Bronze" detail

Double pedestal Papillon Oval Dining Table with glass top

This handcrafted double pedestal dining table combines organic lines with bold finishing options to create an eye-catching effect. The glass top leaves the meandering base on display for maximum impact. It works wonderfully in this pill-shaped iteration, facilitating an inviting, inclusive seating format. The second pedestal elongates the design, giving you extra space and producing a true statement dining table. We can custom make the piece to your dimensions for a perfect fit and finish the steel base in any of our standard, specialist, or ‘Butterfly’ finishes. For inspiration on seating, have a look at our guide to dining chairs.


Why we love it

This large modern glass dining table is perfect for family gatherings and dinner parties.

The design of the metal dining table bases is fluid and intriguing to the eye.

The pedestal format allows for an easy, continuous seating plan without any obstructions.

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