Storage with Style


Storage is perhaps not the most central aesthetic element of an interior design scheme, but when it comes to living in a space, it reveals its value in spades. Having well designed spots to stow away everyday sundries helps to keep the home looking put together and the mind at ease. We’ve creatively integrated storage into many of our furniture designs, so you’ll never have to compromise on form for the sake of function. From built-in walnut drawers to secret ottoman compartments, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover a few of our favourite pieces of furniture with storage…


Lily Ottoman with Storage

Lily ottoman with storage finished in ‘Moon Silver’ with blue velvet and a walnut interior


Our Lily ottoman makes a striking central point to living spaces, nooks, and dressing rooms. Its smoothly curving silhouette takes the shape of a lily pad, harnessing the beauty of natural forms to elevate the domestic sphere. It’s made in steel with your choice of standard or specialist finish and capped by a plush upholstered top. In this iteration, we’ve subtly added an interior compartment for stowing away blankets, books, and anything else that might benefit from an easily accessible hiding spot. The top opens smoothly and is held in place by a specially developed hydraulic system. We build the compartment ourselves using walnut wood, creating an ottoman with storage that’s robust, supremely functional, and lovely to look at.


Lily ottoman with storage finished in ‘Moon Silver’ with blue velvet and a walnut interior


Edge Bedside Table

Edge bedside table finished in ‘Charcoal’ with walnut


This fresh take on our Edge side table reworks the design’s crisp and contemporary lines to accommodate a spacious drawer and a scaled-up tabletop. The base is made in swathes of slender yet strong steel, which meet at right angles to support a top of walnut wood. We’ve then expanded the top to encase a handcrafted drawer which glides gently for a smooth opening and a soft closure. We can custom make the design to suit your space in an array of finishes and materials, giving you the freedom to create your ideal bespoke bedroom set.


Papillon Bedside Table

Papillon bedside table finished in ‘Florentine Gold’


Our Papillon range merges rambling, sinuous lines with crisp craftsmanship to create a clean yet soft effect. The open format of the base produces an airy sense of lightness which perfectly suits a contemporary bedroom. The top is finished with glass to add a bit of textural variety and offer the opportunity to choose from clear, mirrored, and antiqued glass options. We’ve worked a drawer into the tabletop to provide a place for bedside necessities, so you can always wake up to a fresh and uncluttered environment.


Papillon bedside table finished in ‘Florentine Gold’ with a walnut drawer


Balzac Desk

Balzac desk finished in ‘White Gold’ with ‘Liquorice’ leather


When setting off to get some serious work done, it pays to have a neat and orderly space. The Balzac desk has got the gravitas to carry you through your to-do list in stride, with a contemporary, geometric form that means business. The body is hollowed out giving you space to manoeuvre, while the top is fitted with features that add to the piece’s functionality as well as the joy of using it. We’ve included a slat to feed cables through as well as a leather panel which makes for a soft and tactile writing surface. The final piece of the puzzle is a walnut wood drawer to keep your tools organised and out of sight. The result is a design-forward workstation that’s ready for whatever the day may bring.


Balzac desk finished in ‘White Gold’ with ‘Liquorice’ leather and a walnut drawer


Albany Desk

Albany desk finished in ‘Teal’ with ‘Pumpkin’ leather


The Albany is a minimalist desk that draws upon high quality materials to offer a beautifully textured and aesthetically striking worktop. Each one is crafted by hand with your choice of metal finish, leather body, and design details. We can even paint the interior of the hardwood drawers for a pop of colour that adds a bit of brightness to the workday. Whichever bespoke combination you select will come in a sleek and svelte form that’s fitted for functionality.


Albany desk finished in ‘Teal’ with ‘Pumpkin’ leather and a bespoke drawer


The Albany is also available as a pared-back console table. It shares the same slim lines and leather-wrapped body, producing a modern form in classic materials. We’ve included two drawers to house everyday necessities that you might pick up as you move from your entryway out into the world. It also works wonders in an entertaining space, where you can store must-haves like candles, cocktail napkins, and coasters while keeping your space neat and ready for hosting.


Albany console finished in ‘Old Bronze’ with ‘Atlantic Blue’ leather and walnut drawers


If exploring a few of our favourites has sparked inspiration, please do get in touch to learn more about how we can custom make any of the above to suit your specifications. We’re also always open to bespoke projects and would love to hear your ideas! To get a greater sense of what’s possible, you can have a look at our special editions and peruse the full range of finishes and materials available.




Text by Annabel Colterjohn