Tom Faulkner Interviews Sophie Paterson

Sophie Paterson – hugely successful Interior Designer, adored on Instagram, and one of our new friends here at Tom Faulkner HQ. We were delighted to have her stop by our Chelsea showroom last week to have a tour with Tom of the newly renovated space showcasing our limited edition pieces, classic collection and ever popular Avenues Collection. If you didn’t catch the tour on Sophie’s Instagram Stories, you’re in luck as we exclusively share some images from the visit below alongside our interview with her.

First, tell us about you! After 10 years in the business, how would you describe what you do?I'm an Interior Designer. My job title is Design Director but every day is so varied – from dealing with client and contractors, to marketing, designing projects, site visits, sourcing, and problem solving. We are a tight and efficient team of 7 and we work very collaboratively, and that’s how I want to keep it as I think it helps communication and I still get to be hands on with the design.

And your business? What is Sophie Paterson Interiors best known for? We design high end residential interiors, we do everything from the interior architecture to the turnkey styling. We focus on creating interiors that will endure the test of time – we don’t follow trends and we balance elegance with comfort and practicality.

You’ve seen lots of interior trends come and go in the last ten years. Which have been your favourite or most requested from clients? What are you getting lots of requests for now? We don’t jump on trend bandwagons, but we do adapt to long term shifts in the industry – for example when I began everything was chrome but now we work almost exclusively with bronze and antique brass. We have also noticed a shift in the industry towards clients wanting us to lead their project and undertake all the interior architecture.

How has the rise of social media affected your business? Do you think the interiors industry has fully embraced it? It has had such a positive impact – many of our clients find us through Instagram. I was an early adopter of social media but I think the interiors industry as a whole is now realising the power and influence of this platform for raising brand awareness, getting new clients and for brands driving sales.

Who in the interiors industry is inspiring you right now? It’s hard to narrow it down… on a personal level my friend Kate runs on who runs @the_real_houses_of_ig is an endless source of inspiration. I love how she is pushing the boundaries of what Instagram can do for business.

What’s your favourite TF piece and why? I want to use the Siena round coffee table in bronze with a marble or limestone top. It’s so understated and chic and would look good in any setting. I’m drawn to simple designs that will stand the rest of time and be a good investment.

All our pieces are designed and crafted in the UK. How important is British craftsmanship to your clients? It’s probably more important to us – our clients demand high quality for all their items but from a design studio perspective we appreciate how much it helps communication and there are less transport / shipping issues we find it more reliable with less returns. On a personal level I like the fact we are supporting these skills in the UK and it is more environmentally friendly than shopping items from abroad.

Tell us what’s next for Sophie Paterson – both the woman and the business. I have so many things in the pipeline – we are doing 16 full house / apartment projects right now as well as working much more overseas. I’m working on a coffee table book too which is exciting. On a personal level I am just loving being a mum to Ava and spending time with my husband – I want to travel more this year and have quality time away from work when our projects permit!

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