Metal Glass Contemporary Capricorn Round Dining Table


Capricorn Round Dining Table


Capricorn is our signature piece. It is a strong sculptural design with bold curves, and a timeless classical silhouette. It is available in our entire range of standard and specialist finishes, and looks stunning in hand polished stainless steel, or even bronze. Capricorn works brilliantly as either an entrance table or dining table, and it can be paired with many of our dining chairs.
Tops can be glass, marble or wood, and it can be custom made to any size and it is available in other shapes - oval, square or rectangular.

Capricorn Round Dining Table

We have various recommended sizes for our round Capricorn dining table, depending on seating requirements.

D100cm (seats 4)
D120cm (seats 4-6)
D150cm (seats 8)
D170cm (seats 8-10) (wood only)


Capricorn dining tables are fully customizable.  When you commission a Capricorn dining table you will have a choice of:

Timber e.g. Oak, Walnut, Sycamore etc., 
Stone e.g. Calacatta, Carrara, Maron etc. 
Glass e.g. Standard Clear glass, Opti Clear glass, Tinted glass 

Base Finish
For the colour of the metal base - ALL of our standard and antique finishes are available..

Round, rectangular, oval

Retail Prices for round Capricorn dining tables with glass tops start from £3,010 (retail inc vat).
Please contact us for a quote or any assistance with pricing.

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Capricorn is probably the most recognisable design in our collection - Tom’s signature piece. Capricorn tables are the most difficult pieces to make, requiring great skill and experience in both the construction and finishing. Capricorn is sculptural, balanced and symmetrical, and although very contemporary, it owes much to classical architecture and proportions.

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