An Atlas of Side Tables

At Tom Faulkner we’re big proponents of getting creative with the pieces in your home. We like to think there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to design. Although, if you’re not entirely sure where to start, there are a few guidelines that can help to get you rolling. Side tables come in many forms and are often designed with a job in mind. Some are conceived of as sofa-side companions, while others have the pleasure of ferrying around drinks or standing by for those sunny days in the garden. So, we’ve drawn together a few of our favourite pieces for the jobs to get your creativity flowing…


Sofa Table


Our Edge Side Table is simple and streamlined, with a cantilevered quality that allows it to reach over the edge of a sofa or seat. This shelf-like format allows you to draw the piece in close for those moments when sitting up feels like altogether too tall an order. We’re happy to customise the design with marble or metal tops, whether patinated, polished, or au naturel. We’ll even tailor-make the piece to your desired height so it meets you precisely where you’re at.


Bedside Table


We’ve developed a certain fondness for our nature-inspired Papillon design, adapting it into every manner of furniture. One of the newest additions is this bedside table, with an integrated drawer. Our dedicated cabinetry craftsmen forge the wooden component with utter precision, so it’s sure to usher your bedside necessities into hiding with a smooth and subtle glide.


Cocktail Table


Our Lily Cocktail Tables enjoy pride of place in the collection. Their slender, elegant stems make them incredibly lightweight and moveable, allowing you to adapt your surroundings to suit the mood. Cluster a few Lilys of varying height for a striking display during the day, and as your space spring to life with guests, shift them around the room to cater to the proliferation of glasses. The versatile design is always sure to evoke a cheerful sense of wonder and ease.

Whether you’re outfitting a pared-back country hideaway or a curated city home, we can make a Lily to fit the bill. Choose between an array of metal, Murano glass, or marble tops to suit your style. And we’re always standing by to produce them at bespoke dimensions for that perfect sense of proportion.


Garden Table


If you’re a fan of the elegant, organic Lily shape, but would prefer to see them floating through your garden, we’ve got just the design for you. The Lily Garden Table has all the style and joie de vivre of its cocktail-catering cousin, with added resilience that makes it at home in the elements. These metal tops come in a range of gorgeously subdued and cheerfully vibrant hues, so you can subtly integrate them into verdant planting plans or let them be the stand-out stars of the show.


Drinks Trolley / Bar Cart


Cocktail parties are fun – but do you know what makes them even better? Bar trolleys. This is a side table that makes an impression and adds a burst of fun with its functionality. Somehow a cocktail tastes that much better when it’s carted up to you a-la Orient Express. Introduce serpentine lines coursing with mercurial colour and suddenly you’re the host(ess) with the most(est).


Nesting Side Tables


If you’re a fan of flexible living, nesting tables are a wonderful way to add adaptability to your space. They work especially well in compact quarters, making it easy to save on space when you haven’t got company around. The spindly, lightweight structure of our Lexington Nest tables make it easy to transform the flow of a room to suit your needs. You can even opt for varying treatments of the glass tops to add visual intrigue to the ensemble.


Statement Side Table


If you’re looking to bring an instant boost to a space that feels a little tired, a unique statement side table can go a long way. It’s amazing how a small, singular piece like our Opera Side Table can really make a room sing. To strike an impactful chord, go for sculptural, unusual forms that make viewers work that extra bit to get a handle on them. The futuristic bent of the buoyant Opera design invites the eye to pause and trace the form. The effect is all the more striking when washed in a hyperchromatic cascade of colour, as with our ‘Butterfly’ finishes.

The Cloud Side Table excels as a more materially led statement piece. The top is forged in your choice of marble, while the legs are made in bronze using age-old blacksmithing techniques. It’s a deeply haptic piece of furniture that’s elegant yet eye-catching, commanding a room with a sense of subtle strength.


The Everything Side Table


Our Avenues collection is made up of designs that are classic, simple, and fabulously versatile. The Madison Square Side Table traces the form of a cube in carefully handcrafted metal. Topped with clear glass, it’s a design that works in just about any environment and is truly up for whatever task you could hope a side table to take on. The Madison model is joined by the Lexington, Sienna, and Apollo tables, which convey the same timeless effect. We pride ourselves on the quality of craftsmanship and materials that go into these straightforward pieces, setting them apart from the masses.




Text by Annabel Colterjohn