Finished in "Anthracite" with Rosso Luana marble, Dull polished Bronze and Aged Bronze marble tops

Finished in "Anthracite" with a Rosso Luana marble

Finished in "Anthracite" with a Rosso Luana marble

Finished in "Anthracite" with various marble and metal tops

Finished in "Anthracite" with various marble and metal tops

Lily Cocktail Table with Metal/Marble tops

The Lily cocktail tables taking their inspiration from nature, echoing the wobbly silhouettes of lily pads. The organically shaped tops are cut from marble, bronze, or steel and sit on long, elegant stems. The steel is blackened and the bronze is dull polished, brushed, or aged. Standing alone or grouped together, the Lily cocktail tables are fun, unique, and characterful. They’re available in three sizes and three different heights. ¬†You can browse all of the available finishes here.

The Lily cocktail tables are an extremely versatile piece of furniture and a great way to add a pop of colour or texture to a space. They are also a great addition to entrance ways, lobbies, or hallways. Their neat footprint makes them exceptionally mobile, allowing you to nip them in against a sofa or even by the bath. They’re Tom Faulkner furniture bestseller, reflecting our commitment to bold, distinctive design.

Check out our tips on how to care for your marble tabletop here.


Why we love it

These playful and eye-catching tables – a surefire way to add some fun to a room!

While they look great on their own, they’re fantastic in clusters.

They can live happily in lots of different rooms – as at home next to a bath as they are in an entrance way!

Just one makes a room look polished – it’s amazing how something so small can make such an impact.

These cocktail stand tables are extremely mobile – a cinch to move around with your drink but similarly easy to shift to a different space or room at any point.

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