Finished in "Anthracite" topped with Orange, Smoked Brown, Lemon Yellow glass

Finished in "Anthracite" with Pine Green glass top

Finished in "Anthracite" with Pine Green glass top

Finished in "Anthracite" with Rose Pink, Lemon Yellow and Smoke Brown glass tops

Finished in "Anthracite" with Venetian Glass tops

Lily Cocktail Table with Venetian cast glass tops

The Lily cocktail table takes its cues from the organic silhouettes of lily pads. These editions are topped by eye-catching coloured glass, hand cast in Venice using the Murano technique. The glass is left textured, with a subtle undulation to the surface which casts dapples of tinted light across the floor below. These jewel-like cocktail tables work perfectly as a cluster or on their own.  To see all the colour options have a look at our Finishes & Materials page.

The Lily cocktail table is an extremely versatile piece of furniture with a neat footprint that makes is exceptionally mobile. It’s a small but mighty accent piece that’s sure to make an impact in any space, thanks to its unique shape, upbeat colours, and captivating texture. The Lily works wonderfully in a waiting room, entrance way, hotel lobby, or hallway. It’s a Tom Faulkner best-seller and a piece that has defined the brand’s design work.

For a look at the Lily in action, check out our Atlas of Side Tables.


Why we love it

They are playful and eye-catching tables – a surefire way to add some fun to a room. They are extremely useful – perfect for a glass, or or a phone.

While they look great on their own, they are fantastic in clusters. They can live happily in lots of different rooms – they are as at home next to the bath as they are in an entrance way.

Just one makes a room look polished – it’s amazing how something so small can make such an impact.

These cocktail stand tables are extremely fleet-footed – easy to shift around with your drink but similarly easy to move to a different space or room at any point.

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