Celebrating 25 years of Tom Faulkner

Happy 2021! This year we will be celebrating twenty-five years of Tom Faulkner.

It’s been a journey full of delights and surprises, and (almost) all of it has been enjoyable.

One of my favourite parts of the last 25 years has been the people I have met and worked with – starting with Nigel Ballamy, now our chief engineer, who made my first piece of metal furniture all that time ago. We celebrated his 60th birthday in the workshop last month!

It has also taken me to some wonderful parts of the world including America, Russia, India and Japan. It’s allowed me to spend time looking for inspiration wherever I go, and also to design and make the things I love.

This decade has got off to an unusual start – to say the least – but I continue to look forwards, and this year we have several exciting new projects and collaborations on the horizon. And, of course, at some stage we will be celebrating our twenty-fifth birthday!

With best wishes for 2021 from me and the team,


Above: Tom and Nigel working on the Ava dining table in 2016

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