Patinated bronze base with marble top

Patinated bronze base with marble top

Bronze base with Arabescato marble top

Bronze base in Ocean blue with Arabescato marble top

Bronze base in Ocean blue with Arabescato marble top

Patinated Bronzebase with Arabescato marble top

Ava Dining Table with marble top

AVA is strong, sculptural, and very distinctive. The top floats above two intriguingly linked tetrahedrons. Its circular shape is the perfect foil for the crisp angles beneath. AVA can be made from steel and treated with a selection of our standard or specialist finishes, or it can be made in bronze with a choice of different patinas. The table top is available in glass, marble or wood. To see all of the finish options click here.

AVA makes for a fantastic dining table to entertain around as the pedestal base makes it easy to place chairs. Similarly, in a large hallway, AVA creates a serious impact as you come into a  house.

Check out our tips on how to care for your marble tabletop here

This round dining table looks great when paired with a sleek dining chair. Try the Vienna Chair.


Why we love it

AVA is a sculptural piece of furniture.  At first sight it seems simple but the geometry is complex – and on closer inspection it is difficult to understand where one piece ends and another starts. It looks as if there is a twist in the neck but actually there isn’t – it is made of three plates which almost “nest” together to make the overall shape.

When it’s made of bronze it is possible to polish the front edges of the base so that it really looks like a sculpture.

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