How to care for your marble tabletop

Marble is one of the most characterful and distinctive materials; every piece is different and can add extra interest to a piece of furniture. It’s a popular choice for tabletops and at Tom Faulkner we offer an outstanding selection of beautiful marbles for use on all our coffee tables, side tables, console tables and dining tables.

The dense structure of marble makes it very durable and allows the surface to be highly polished. However, if not cared for in the right way, all marble can be stained, etched, scratched or broken. Care for it well and it will outlast all other surfaces in your home.

AVA in Bronze and marble
AVA in Bronze and marble

Regular cleaning

To keep your marble tabletop clean, dust it with a soft dry cloth every week. Should you need to wet the surface to clean it, to remove fingerprints for example, this should be done using only water (distilled or purified water is best) on a clean colourless sponge or cloth. Dry the tabletop straight afterwards with a clean soft cloth or chamois leather.

Do not use domestic cleaning products such as detergents, furniture polish, bleach, multi-purpose sprays or soap products on your marble tabletop. They will all leave chemicals or a residue on the surface that in time will discolour and dull the surface of the marble. Never use abrasive cleaning products as these will damage the marble by etching it or wearing away the surface.

Lily Coffee Table | Modern Furniture by Tom Faulkner
Marble topped Lily Cocktail Table

Mop up any spills immediately

The degree of porosity of marble varies dependent on how polished it is. Highly polished marbles tend to be less porous than marble that has a matte finish, however all marble is porous and can be stained and damaged when spillages happen.

Strong acidic and strong alkali substances, such as wine, coffee, lemon juice, vinegar, carbonated soft drinks or toiletries can stain or etch the surface. Always mop spills up immediately – even if it is water – and wipe with a clean, damp cloth.

To avoid driving dirt into the marble when cleaning up a stain, keep renewing your cloths and wipe up any drips or residue immediately.

Siena Coffee Table in marble | Contemporary Furniture by Tom Faulkner
Siena Coffee Table in marble


Prevention is the best way to care for your marble tabletop. To prevent ring marks, scratches or heat damage, place coasters under glasses and cups, especially if they hold wine, coffee, fruit juice and soft drinks. Use mats underneath plates and serving dishes.

For side tables and console tables that display art, vases of flowers, ornaments, lamps or other hard objects, use protective felt pads on the bottom of your item to protect the marble surface from being scratched.

Siena Console Table | modern furniture by Tom Faulkner
Siena Console Table


Unlike other tabletop materials such as wood, a marble tabletop is not a flexible material and will not respond well to heavy loading. Never sit or stand on your marble tabletop and avoid placing very heavy items on it, especially at the extremities of a marble dining table that has a central pedestal base. If put under considerable load, marble can break or crack along its natural lines and veins.

The colour and patterns in our selection of marbles have been chosen to be complimented by the metal finishes of our furniture. We make every piece to order and many of our designs are fully customisable. See our range of materials and finishes here and feel free to contact us with any questions

Siena Square Side Table | modern furniture by Tom Faulkner