How To Style Your Dining Room

Knowing how to style your dining room will instantly elevate your entertaining, meal times and occasions spent at home with friends and family. The dining room is the epicentre of entertaining, the centre point for all celebrations and above all else, a space you can enjoy with friends and family for every day meals. It is an underrated room in the home and symbolises far more than just a place to dine!

Contemporary Furniture by Tom Faulkner
Walknut top

During the ’90s, dining rooms had a boom but the concept of a kitchen/dining room with a more open plan approach took over. Living spaces became smaller and meal times were moved to kitchen islands, breakfast bars and smaller tables. As we went further into the noughties, the concept of take away food exacerbated this trend but 2019 saw more emphasis being placed on the entertainment areas of the home, the dining place being the front runner, and this has yet to subside.

Let’s take a look at some top tips on how to style your dining room.

The Dining Table

rectangular glass topped dining table

It’s safe to say that for a dining room, the dining table is the most important piece of furniture to invest in for the space. Dining tables come in array of sizes, styles and materials and it’s important to pick one that works best for the every day use of the room, not just the more fancy dinner parties! Rectangular dining tables tend to work best for everyday dining but an oval or round dining table will be preferable if you’ll be regularly entertaining as it allows your guests to easily see one another without anyone getting left out!

If you have a smaller space, a glass topped dining table is a good way to make the room feel more spacious.

The Dining Chairs

There’s little point in investing in a statement dining table without the chairs to match. Depending on the dining table you choose, the tables should be picked to enhance it. A more contemporary dining table requires a sleeker and neater chair for example. They don’t need to be matchy matchy! The right design will allow for you to mix and match the chair design or style if it complements the aesthetic of the dining room.

Choose chairs that are comfortable to sit on and won’t have your guests squirming around in them.

The Light Fixture

rectangular dining table with hanging pendant lights
Image credit: Photography by Douglas Freidman for Architectural Digest

Lighting is an important component to a dining room as it sets the tone and ambience for the occasion. Statement lights are popular to have overhanging the table but make sure they work with the aesthetic of the table and chairs. Scale is an important consideration and the size and shape should work well against the table. A dimmer switch will work well for a dining space to reflect the feel of sunset (inevitably when the room will get most use). As well as chandeliers, sconces are a much needed addition to a dining room as they’re a great way to create a sense of intimacy for a dinner party.

Side Storage

Boulder Console Table - in plaster & marble

There’s nothing worse than having a cluttered dining table during a meal so having a side console or sideboard will allow you to have a space to pop down dishes or store surplus wine. When not in use, they can be tastefully styled with flowers. Having a console table is a great finishing touch to the room and useful for hiding away china. If you’re lacking in space, having a drinks trolley or side table instead are great alternatives.

Odessa cabinet by Tom Faulkner
Polished Bronze with Figured Rippled Grey Sycamore Veneer

Florals and greenery

Capricorn Oval Dining Table | Modern Furniture by Tom Faulkner

Flowers and plants are a great finishing touch to a dining room space. It’s a nice touch to display fresh flowers on a side table or console and similarly nice to popular corners of the room with luscious green plants to make the space feel alive.

Dress The Table To Impress

Whilst the room decor takes the lead, how you set the table will set the feeling of the room for guests. Embrace placemats and coasters as well as heavy linen napkins and napkin rings to hold them together. Candlelight should run down the length of the table. Your choice of glassware should be carefully considered (we love Richard Brendon as our go to for glassware). The centre of the table should be adorned with flowers (see above) and charger plates for the dishes you’re serving up.

Don’t forget the music! Tom’s perfect dinner party playlist will help sort that out!