How To Throw The Perfect Dinner Party

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Throwing a dinner party is an enjoyable way to bring people together, but as the host it can be a daunting task. Keeping people entertained, watered and fed all in unison is no mean feat! The Tom Faulkner team have put together their top tips on how best to host a sophisticated evening that everyone will remember!

Be Creative

Here at Tom Faulkner, we like to be a bit bold. Your guests will remember the occasion if you can follow suit on that. Get your creative juices flowing and inject some personality into your dinner table setting. Does your dining table have curves or clean lines? Change up its positioning and orientation in the room to give the space a fresh perspective. For example a diagonal orientation in the room can show off the curves of an oval dining table beautifully! Gone are the days of using tablecloths. Make your dining table a show piece!

If you have a marble table top or a wood dining table, show off the beauty of the table by using simple chargers or neutral runners. Clever use of lighting will also help; lamps such as the Ava floor and table lamps around the room will create pools of light and add drama. Candles and votives are a must on the table instead of overhead lighting to create atmosphere and a soft flattering light for your guests. Make sure you have some greenery around the room - healthy house plants and vases of simple flowers go a long way in setting the right atmosphere. Don’t overcomplicate this and work with the room you’ve got!

Don't be stingy

Don’t be remembered for the wrong reasons. Nobody likes a stingy host! Never let your guests never run out of drink, food, or conversation. Drinks need to be readily available at all times - have a good choice of tipples on offer - and make sure your guests have a drink in their hands within a minute or two of their arrival. Side tables are invaluable when hosting a party and can be easily dotted around existing furniture in your reception rooms or even around your dining table. Be generous with portions and also with your time introducing all guests to each other and keeping conversation going. What’s the common ground between guests? Make sure this is identified at introduction to make it easy for them to get into conversation.

Be Yourself

A good dinner party will be a reflection of the personality of the host so even when hosting, try to relax and enjoy your dinner party. A relaxed host means relaxed guests! Create a playlist of your favourite music to play in the background and don’t feel you have to stick to strict seating plans if you don’t want to. Invite guests to take their pre and post-dinner drinks in separate room from the dinner to ensure everyone has the opportunity to mingle and speak to everyone else. Create your perfect dinner party with a Tom Faulkner dining table by browsing our collection here

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