Papillon – meet our new collection!

The team here at Tom Faulkner are very excited to launch our new Papillon collection on the 19th September. The collection was partly inspired by Tom’s trip to California’s Joshua Tree National Park back in 2016 and is made up of several new pieces, including dining tables and occasional tables, and - new for Tom Faulkner - a drinks trolley and a screen.

“It was the shapes created by the lines between the boulders at Joshua Tree that caught my eye” says Tom “and I could see them being replicated in furniture in some way. They were the basis for the Boulder console last year, and this year they are transformed into the whole Papillon range – like a caterpillar into a butterfly,”

The Papillon collection is available in several different colour-ways, each named after butterflies. Every piece is multi-coloured, and the colours themselves are all exquisitely gradated - like ombré - fading seamlessly in and out of each other. Papillon is made from water cut steel and/or aluminium. The Papillon screen is the centrepiece of the collection, where the butterfly theme plays strong; the organic lines appearing like the veined wings of a butterfly.

“I spent time in Los Angeles earlier this year and was bowled over by the light and the colours of the city. From the exotic desert flora to the magical sunsets. Exposure to such a life enhancing environment may explain the colourful direction of this collection. And just for fun we have added dichroic glass into the tables, which is iridescent, and it twinkles and changes with the light, just like LA," says Tom.

Papillon side table being made in our Swindon workshop

Papillon coffee table from £3,340

Papillon Stool from £1,550

Papillon side table from £2,270

Papillon drinks trolley from £2,940

Papillon dining table from £6,650

Papillon console table from £4,460. For more information and to see the full collection, click here.

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