Making an Entrance

First impressions are not to be underestimated. An entryway offers the initial greeting to a home, setting the tone for the spaces that unfold beyond. Creating a focal point in your foyer grounds the space and builds a sense of occasion. By virtue of our work, we find ourselves picking up tricks of the trade from talented interior designers who know a thing or two about setting the scene. We’ve had the pleasure of working with London-based interior designer, Shalini Misra on Design Centre Chelsea Harbour’s inaugural WOW!house event, which drew together a selection of carefully curated interiors. Approaching the show, guests were greeted by Shalini’s Foyer, with our very own AVA Dining Table holding the centre. We’ve also had the good fortune of working with Kelly Barker of Derbyshire-based Just Living Interiors on a recent project of hers, which saw our Capricorn Dining Tables framing the entry to a timelessly stylish home.

We connected with Shalini and Kelly to glean some of their sage advice on crafting the perfect welcome home, and why choosing the right entry table is key. In line with their wisdom, we’ve selected a few of our favourite pieces for the job to set you off in the right direction…


A Word from the Experts

WOW!House Foyer at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour featuring our AVA Dining Table in patinated Bronze with polished edges and a Lilac Calacatta marble top; interior design by Shalini Misra; photographed by James McDonald

Shalini: “I love designing entry halls as they set the tone for the rest of the house and are an opportunity for a real wow moment as visitors enter. Putting your favourite pieces of furniture, art or decorative objects in an entry space means that you see something inspiring every time you leave and return to your home. If there is space, I advise using a table as you can bring structure to the room whilst showing off a beautiful piece such as Tom Faulkner’s AVA table, which we used in our entry hall at Wow!house at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour. The table was the first thing that visitors saw and the tetrahedron base looked so striking viewed from afar. Having a table allows you to place a large vase of flowers, decorative objects or sculptures in the hall as well, really inviting people in, welcoming them with a scene of interesting objects.”

AVA Dining Table in patinated Bronze with polished edges and a Lilac Calacatta marble top (left) + Aged Bronze with a Noir St Laurent marble top (right)


Interior featuring our Capricorn Dining Table in Falcon Bronze with a glass top; interior design by Kelly Barker of Just Living Interiors; photographed by Paul Craig

Kelly: “Entrance halls are such important spaces within a home. When you step inside, it should feel welcoming and be a true reflection of your personal style. The brief for this entrance hall was to create a classic contemporary space to enhance the architectural style of the property. The Capricorn tables were the perfect addition, framing the bay windows wonderfully with their balanced proportions and striking sculptural form. The tables were finished in Falcon Bronze with a glass top, further enhancing the elegant curves of the beautifully crafted base. Each table was styled with large orchids to complement the scale of the space whilst adding soft, natural texture.”

Interior featuring our Capricorn Dining Table in Falcon Bronze with a glass top; interior design by Kelly Barker of Just Living Interiors; photographed by Paul Craig


Sculptural Statement Table

AVA Dining Table in Bronze with a Moss Green patination and a glass top
(left) + Ariel Dining Table in Charcoal with a glass top (right)

Nowhere does a statement piece maker a greater impact than in an entryway. A striking, sculptural table makes a characterful centrepiece and hints at larger design themes in the home. If you lean towards geometric forms and a depth of materials, our AVA Dining Table is a fantastic introduction to that stylistic throughline. The tetrahedron shapes of the piece slot together to create a visually intriguing sense of balance. The broad faces of the piece give you plenty of space to show off one of our specialist finishes, like a soft Moss Green patination.

Our Ariel Dining Table takes on a more lyrical, dynamic form. The refined curvilinear lines of the base whip around, recalling a spool of spun steel. Topped with a simple clear glass top, it creates an elegant, uplifting welcome to a home. Our Papillon Oval Dining Table is similarly light and airy, with a more biomorphic feel to it. The sinuous lines of metal are based on cracks in the boulders of Joshua Tree in California, echoing natural themes and casting a beautifully rhythmic tone.

Papillon Oval Dining Table in Rose Pewter with a Silver Wave marble top

On a practical note, round tables tend to work best in entry halls as they allow for comfortable, free flowing movement in what tends to be a relatively high traffic area of the home. Smooth, curving lines will help avoid those slightly deflating and annoyingly uncomfortable moments where you catch hip on a corner as you rush out the door. No one wants to start a day like that!


Classic Entry Table

Capricorn Round Dining Table in Anthracite with a glass top

For a calm and classic look, opt for timeless shapes like our Capricorn. We can make this round dining table to suit your particular dimensions, shrinking to a smaller footprint for tighter quarters or working on a larger scale to create a stronger impression. It’s this sort of simple design executed with intention and precision that creates a sleek, enduringly beautiful first impression that will remain versatile should you wish to shift it to a new environment.

From the archives, Capricorn Oval (left) + Round (right) Dining Tables in Polished Stainless Steel with glass tops


Angel Round Dining Table in Bronze with a Noir St Laurent marble top

For a more svelte, leggy effect, we’ve reimagined our Angel Dining Table in a round, three-legged format. It’s got the look of a classic bistro table with contemporary updates that give it a distinctly elegant feel. Opt for a dramatic marble top, like this black and white Noir St Laurent to up the impact.

Angel Round Dining Table in Bronze with a Noir St Laurent marble top


Contemporary Feature Table

Edge Rectangular Dining Table in patinated solid bronze with polished edges and a glass top

If you’re drawn towards unique, art-like furniture, we’d recommend going for a piece with a strong point of difference. Our solid bronze Edge Dining Table is a bold and weighty feature table with finely polished edges that catch the light. This glinting, almost architectural table is sure to make a statement in any entry.

This sort of rectangular format works best in more open-plan or loft style homes as it can actually help to define the entry space and create that first vignette walking in the door. Although, it’s always important to think carefully about where a larger rectangular entry table is placed to ensure you maintain an ease of movement through the space and a welcoming approach to the rest of your home.

Exe Round Dining Table in Charcoal with a Walnut top (left) + Avebury Oval Dining Table in Bronze with a walnut top (right)

Our Exe Dining Table has a modern character, crafted with precision to forge crisp edges that trace the curves of this four-legged feature piece. A stark Charcoal base creates a sleek, contemporary look, especially when set against a materially rich top like this walnut wood, or a deeply veined marble. Our Avebury Dining Table also works wonderfully in a contemporary setting, with clean-cut, geometric lines and a rich sense of materiality. For a more chromatic approach, we can finish our Papillon pieces in one of our Butterfly colourways. We apply multiple overlapping layers of colourful powder coating to create a gradual merging of shades, melting into one another.

Papillon Oval Dining Table in Baronet Red with a glass top

No matter what your style, an entry table sets the tone of your interior and creates a sense of occasion. It’s also a functional addition that provides a homebase for everyday essentials that you snap up on your way out the door. It can even work well as a beautiful platform for art objects like ceramics or sculptures, or even a show-stopping vase of flowers. Whatever design you’re drawn to, including an entry table in your scheme a sure-fire way to create a personal impression and a warm welcome home.




Text by Annabel Colterjohn, with special thanks to Shalini Misra and Kelly Barker for their contributions

You can learn more about Shalini and Kelly’s work here: Shalini Misra + Just Living Interiors