Special Editions

In addition to our main collection we make a lot of special editions – either customised versions of our own pieces, or completely one-off, bespoke furniture commissions.

Above: Vienna Bench for oval table, Feathered Tiffany chair made in collaboration with Eric-Charles Donatien, plastered Boulder console table.

Golden Edge dining table (plated in 24 carat gold), Arizona totem made for Terrence Higgins Trust, Lily Bridge tables.

Capricorn dining table made with the artist Jo Taylor, Exe cabinet, Square Avebury table.

Over the years we have worked with many clients to create some truly special pieces that are totally unique. Last year we worked with Emily from Saffery Read on this bespoke Melrose Étagère for one of her clients.

Emily: ‘We greatly enjoy working with the TF team and have collaborated on a number of bespoke pieces, we especially appreciate the endless variety of finishing options and the unfailingly high quality and considered detailing. TF has welcomed our unusual requests (including a large curved bookcase, several bespoke tea cabinets and dressing tables), working with us from sketches, countless finish swatches and technical drawings to produce beautiful unique pieces that we and our clients are always delighted with.’

This Papillon fender was commissioned last year by Jeffreys Interiors.

Tom: “It is almost impossible to find a contemporary club fender which isn’t made of brass. This was a wonderful commission, and everything worked out perfectly, from the patterns to the Ulysses Blue butterfly finish”

Our team of designers and metal workers love a challenge, so please contact us if you have an idea. We can bring it to life!