Tom’s Best Coffee Table Books

The sacred coffee table book is a beautiful and expressive living room staple. Our bookshelves stand filled to the brim with battered books that we’ve read to death – books that have made us laugh and cry and everything in between – while our coffee table books sit on display in all their pristine glory. Styled elegantly on a coffee table, these tokens are carefully curated windows into our personalities, the interests we hold, and the tastes we've acquired on our way through life.

The books we’ve included in this round up of Tom’s favourites are equally at home in a stylish penthouse or a country family home. We would love to know what your favourites are! Let us know by contacting us or sharing on social using #tomfaulknerreads.

Art + Design Books

Many of Tom’s designs are inspired heavily by major art movements and iconic design pieces. These books hold some of his mightiest influences.

Interiors + Architecture coffee table books

It’s no secret that Tom is a fan of the great outdoors. Though, architecture and the rooms that make up great buildings have also shaped his design sensibilities. Without truly understanding what makes a well-designed space, it’s impossible to design products that work for them.

Style + Fashion coffee table books

Some of the greatest designs in history have stemmed from movements in fashion. Tom finds fascination in fashion icons and the lives they lead. These are just a few of the spectacular coffee table books that offer curious readers a peek into the stylish domains of history's sartorial greats.

Travel inspired coffee table books

Travel is central to design inspiration. Tom loves a good cityscape and can pass many a day exploring the architecture that makes them up. They bear a powerful influence on his designs and he's always in search of new frontiers where he may unearth an unexpected creative spark.

Photography inspired coffee table books

It was no easy task keeping this section concise. Tom loves photography and its inherent opportunity to see through the eyes of some of his favourite creatives. So, we've rounded up just a few of the collections he's found most impactful.

Music inspired coffee table books

Behind closed doors, Tom is an avid Rolling Stones fan and is passionate about music in general. Discovering the stories and secrets behind his favourite bands is something these books do incredibly well.

A few bonus books (we couldn't help it)

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