Essential Guide To Cocktail Tables

What is a cocktail table, you might ask? Not to be confused with a coffee table or a poseur table, cocktail tables are fantastically versatile occasional tables that can be used in any reception room in the home. To help dispel any confusion and tell you more about this handy piece of luxury furniture, we give you the essential guide to cocktail tables:

How do I use a cocktail table?

Cocktail tables are an absolute must when entertaining. Use them during the day when your guests have a cup of tea and a cake, in the evening for a cocktail and canapés, or a glass of wine and nibbles, and towards the end of the day for after-dinner coffee and petit-fours. Cocktail tables really are indispensable pieces of designer living room furniture.

What size is a cocktail table?

Cocktail tables tend to have a smaller tabletop than side tables or other occasional tables. Similar in size to the smallest in a nest of tables, the tabletop will be just big enough for one or two glasses or cups, plus a small plate – the perfect size to be placed close at hand for a seated guest even if it’s a tight corner.
Edge Side Table | Contemporary Furniture by Tom Faulkner

How tall is a cocktail table?

The height of a cocktail table can vary depending on how you plan to use it. Our Lily cocktail table comes in three heights – 40cm, 50cm and 60cm – to be paired with a person sat on a low sofa, a medium height armchair, and a dining chair. If you opt for a cocktail table with much more higher than that, it can become tippy. If you’d like the extra height, be sure to select a table with a larger base for added security. In the case of the Lily cocktail table, for example, the diameter of the tabletop decreases as the height increases, keeping it stable as a table, as the say.

How heavy is a cocktail table?

As cocktail tables need to be easy to reposition so as to accommodate guests, they tend to be rather lightweight. Ideally, they’re light enough to be lifted with one hand (though, we’d recommend you do use two!) and have a weighted base or tripod legs to remain stable when placed and in use.
Lily Cocktail Tables | Tom Faulkner

What do cocktail tables look like?

The design of a cocktail table can vary vastly. Due to their size, they’re often quite decorative with glass, marble, wood, or metal tops. Our Lily collection of metal cocktail tables is inspired by Japanese lily pads with organically shaped tops sitting on tall, elegant stems. The tops can be made from marble, wood, metal, or eye-catching coloured Murano glass in a variety of jewel tones. They’re characterful and unique – and look great as standalone pieces or grouped together.
Madison Cocktail Table | Contemporary Furniture by Tom Faulkner

What do you do with a cocktail table when it’s not in use?

As cocktail tables are small in width or diameter, they can easily be tucked away into a corner or left next to an armchair. However, if you’ve got a few cocktail tables of varying heights, they can make an attractive feature when arranged as a group.
The Papillon round drinks trolley | luxury furniture by Tom Faulkner
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