Verdigris is a beautiful expression of the naturally occurring process of oxidisation. We start with bronze and apply a solution which expedites the colouration typically brought on by exposure to salty sea air. A verdant blue-green hue is revealed, meandering across the surface to produce a varied yet even effect. There’s a smooth and slightly milky quality to the finish which adds an air of lightness to weighty bronze forms. It works wonderfully to introduce an element of the outdoors as well as a soft hum of energy to an interior.

Bronze And Brass

Some of our designs can be made from Bronze or Brass, and we can offer a variety of different looks by using patinations and hand polishing techniques. A patina is the oxidisation of bronze, which can happen naturally over time, or the process can be sped up by manually heating the surface of the bronze and adding alkaline or acidic salts which helps to create a range of different effects. We treat all of our patinations with a layer of wax which helps to preserve the patina and stop the surface oxidising further.