Polished Bronze

Polished Bronze is simultaneously elemental and sleek. Its surface is hand-shone to mirror-like clarity, instilling a hint of glamour and luxury. It’s sometimes referred to as rose gold or copper, reflecting the warm, metallic tones that give this eye-catching material its depth and intrigue. We finish it with a lacquer to seal it against aging, giving what appears to be a precious material a robust quality that helps it stand up to the realities of life.

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Bronze And Brass

Some of our designs can be made from Bronze or Brass, and we can offer a variety of different looks by using patinations and hand polishing techniques. A patina is the oxidisation of bronze, which can happen naturally over time, or the process can be sped up by manually heating the surface of the bronze and adding alkaline or acidic salts which helps to create a range of different effects. We treat all of our patinations with a layer of wax which helps to preserve the patina and stop the surface oxidising further.