How to Create an Inspiring Home Office

Switching into a productive headspace at home can be a challenge. With a (often literal) laundry list of domestic tasks, companions pottering around the house, and a creeping inclination to call it a day in favour of kicking your feet up in the garden, getting anything at all done becomes quite the achievement. Carving out a space to quiet your mind and shut out distractions goes a very long way in establishing good home working habits. So, to get you started, we’ve gathered a few design ideas to help you create your own inspiring home office…


Left: Balzac Desk in Patinated Steel Finish with Chestnut Leather Top; Right: Balzac Desk in Dull Polished Steel Finish with Walnut Wood

Balzac Desk

The Balzac Desk does not mess around. If you need to get some serious work done, this is the spot to get to it. With its solid, geometric form, you’ve got yourself an impenetrable workstation that’s sure to be the site of many an inspired idea.


Left: Angel Dining Chair in Charcoal Finish with Clove Brown Leather; Right: Angel Dining Chair in Graphite Finish with Ice Leather

Angel Dining Chair

The Angel Dining Chair is the perfect complement to the Balzac Desk. Its subtly clever cantilevered design is a sly nod to the Modern classic, dressed up in leather upholstery to keep you comfortable, even on marathon workdays.


Left: Albany Desk in Charcoal Finish with ‘Cambridge’ Leather; Right: Albany Desk in Charcoal Finish with ‘Seville’ Leather

Albany Desk

If you’re after a lighter, more minimal design, the Albany Desk makes for a fantastic home base. A sleek and slim rectangular top perches on beautifully angular legs. It’s a simple design that’s light on ornamentation, keeping your home office streamlined and ready for action.


Custom Atlantic Desk

Atlantic Desk

Tom’s custom-designed Atlantic Desk ups the ante with swooping, oblong legs. A pelagic tabletop sweeps across, completing this clean, geometric design. It’s a wonderfully understated starting point for any modern home office.


Atlantic Rectangular Dining Table and Atlantic Benches in Ocean Blue Finish

Atlantic Rectangular Dining Table + Atlantic Bench

If you’re more of a kitchen table worker, the Atlantic Rectangular Dining Table paired with Atlantic Benches is just the combo. With a casual, communal feel, they make for a collaborative work environment primed for brilliant brainstorming. Top it off with a cafetiere and you’re off to the races!


Phoenix Chandelier in Bronze Finish

Phoenix Chandelier

The Phoenix Chandelier’s sleek, modern design is sure to set a no-nonsense tone, leaving you to get down to business. With a pared-back yet visually captivating three-tiered design, it maintains a minimal feel without skimping on style. Plus, its smooth ambient light will keep the “I-work-best-under-pressure” types going into the wee hours.


Madison Shelf in Bronze Finish with Clear Glass

Madison Shelf

We all have moments of creative block – that’s exactly when we call in the big guns. It can be incredibly invigorating to work amidst the musings of those you admire most. Having a Madison bookshelf of inspiration on-hand is a wonderful way to keep the ideas flowing or just sink into a break when you need it most.


Left: Ava and Capricorn Candlesticks; Right: Ava Candlestick in Ocean Blue

Ava Candlestick

Lighting a candle can be an astonishingly gratifying work ritual. Set the scene with a flickering flame and take a moment to enjoy the process. The Ava Candlestick is a beautifully geometric ornament in its own right that comes alive with a spark – hopefully it may inspire you to do the same!



Text by Annabel Colterjohn