How To Style A Coffee Table

The humble coffee table is the pièce de résistance of a living room. How a coffee table is styled can dictate the overall look and feel of the whole space. The best coffee tables are styled with personality in mind – a curated edit of things we want to live with each and every day!

The secret to styling a coffee table begins with a tried and tested approach that is adopted by many of our favourite interior designers. A concoction of the following elements:

  • Something tall - such as a plant, a vase of flowers, or an eye-catching candlestick
  • Something decorative - a beautiful object that's personal to you and tells a story. For example, something you’ve collected on your travels or a family heirloom
  • Something scented - such as luxury candles, reed diffusers, or sticks of incense
  • A stack of books or collectable magazines
  • Something textured - such as coasters or a tray
  • Things to consider

    The shape of your coffee table will dictate the space you have to play with and where you’ll place your objects. This can sometimes take some trial and error with different configurations of your coffee table accessories.

    Tiered coffee tables with glass shelves, such as the Madison, give you the opportunity to split the styling. Place magazines or coffee table books on the lower levels and keep the tops for seasonal decorative pieces.

    A rectangular box frame coffee table offers solid surface space but try not to over clutter. The coffee table is often a major point of congregation so it's important that it remains functional. So, be selective when you collect decorative items, opting for objects that mean something to you. When you travel, look out for things your eyes are drawn to. A coffee table that tells a personal story gives you a talking point for guests but also helps the room feel more like home.

    Need some inspiration on the books to keep on display on your coffee table? Check out Tom's round up of his favourites here.

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