How To Use The Lily Collection

Inspired by tall lily pads, the Lily collection has long been a customer favourite. Made up of dainty side tables, striking coffee tables an eye-catching mirror, and even door handles, it’s a collection that becomes a talking point in just about any place it’s set.

It’s also the most versatile piece of furniture we have at Tom Faulkner. And we wanted to show you some of our favourite ways to include it in your room design.

In the bathroom

Our friends at Bibiana Walmsely used the polished bronze Lily side table in a bathroom design that we love.

Next to the bed

We love how Fiona Watkins Design stacked a couple of the Rosso Luana Marble and Steel Lily Side Tables as an alternative to a bedside table. Perfect spot to pop your morning coffee or stack your bedtime reading without imposing too much space.

By an armchair

This is the perfect showcase of how the Lily side table delicately slips into any space. It’s a great one for smaller rooms and adds a splash of colour and a fun design. And when you have guests over, these small side tables can be easily moved around the room. Alice Leigh Design chose a great spot for it here!

As a coffee table

The Lily coffee table becomes the eye catching moment of any living room. With it’s curved metal base and it’s beautiful white onyx top, it’s a jewel of a coffee table. The shadow of the organically shaped base emerges through the Onyx as sunlight falls across it. Gunter & Co placed it in just the right space on this project!

In the garden

Outdoor cocktail tables

Anthracite base with tops in Forest Green, Pistachio and Grass Green

Tom designed these fun garden Lily cocktail tables during the summer of 2020, and as with all of our Lily cocktail tables they work really well when used in a colourful group. The Garden Lily cocktail tables are weatherproof, made from Stainless Steel, and come in 9 colours.

As a collective

Lily Cocktail Tables | Tom Faulkner

The coloured glass Lily side tables look fantastic in clusters. At varying heights, 3 of them grouped together can add a spot of colour to a room and draw the eye of any guest. The eye-catching coloured glass is hand cast in Venice using the Murano technique. They make a great addition to waiting rooms, entrance ways, hotel lobbies or hallways.

And finally…Lily door handles

Metal Cabinet Handles

Polished Bronze

New to our online shop, these jewel-like Lily door handles come in either steel with our Ocean Blue finish, or in solid Polished Bronze. They are a great home accessory to update exisiting cupboards in the kitchen or bedroom.

Which is your favourite Lily?

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